Descriptive Essay Example: My Hometown Is Still In My Heart

describe the busy day of someone who works in your area. email me this essay please.

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essay on: describe a busy day of someone who works in your area
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Describe the sights and sounds during the mid-day break in your school? plz send essay for the above toic

Essay Writing About My Hometown

About four months into my job as a reporter for The Post, I began feeling increasingly paranoid, as if I had “illegal immigrant” tattooed on my forehead — and in Washington, of all places, where the debates over immigration seemed never-ending. I was so eager to prove myself that I feared I was annoying some colleagues and editors — and worried that any one of these professional journalists could discover my secret. The anxiety was nearly paralyzing. I decided I had to tell one of the higher-ups about my situation. I turned to Peter.

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This was devastating. What good was college if I couldn’t then pursue the career I wanted? I decided then that if I was to succeed in a profession that is all about truth-telling, I couldn’t tell the truth about myself.

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