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Essay is based off the book: Experiencing the World’s Religions, 6th edition, by Michael Molloy

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My World Religion-Stewardism Most individuals who have reached adulthood, whether or not they have considered it on a conscious level, have developed a concept of reality of living in

My World Religion (MWR), CREATIVE ESSAY!Essay is based off the book: Experiencing the World’s Religions, 6th edition, by Michael Molloy.

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Last summer I took an anthropology class, which among other things, discussed at length the cultural importance of religions to a group of people. Religion serves to bind a group collectively while giving purpose to ones existence and answers to the questions every human will at one time or another ponder. Why am I here; what happens when I die; why do people get sick and suffer? The questions are meaningful and relevant today as they ever were. Those questions speak to the very basic human need to understand ones place and importance within the universe. Over the year since I took that anthropology class, I gave the topic of religion much thought. Indeed, I have given religion and the concept of spirituality much consideration throughout my life. It seems very natural to me that Religion 150 would be of great interest to me. The idea of examining the basics of the many religions spoke deeply to my need to understand myself, my own ideas of spirituality, and the core of my belief system. I am prompted to think about my life and the role religion has played in it. Over the years, I have struggled with a number of aspects concerning Catholicism which is the religion I was raised with. As an adult, I am non-practicing. In fact, I would even consider myself to be agnostic in that I believe the existence of God cannot be proven. Throughout the class, over the weeks, and with each new chapter we studied, I had many interesting conversations with my husband, parents, and friends. Collectively, we are of varied backgrounds and have very different views on the topic of religion. Eventually, I began to see a pattern that I had not really known existed. I observed that many people share similar thoughts and concerns that not one religion seems to completely address. However, certain commonalities emerged and individual concepts of various religions began to come together to form a more comprehensive spirituality. With these concepts in mind, I offer the belief system which I refer to as Harmonism. As a belief system, Harmonism seeks to be simple, easy, and, I might say, natural to practice. Harmonism, as its name so aptly implies, is fundamentally the practice of living in harmony with one’s self and nature. When one seeks to live in harmony, peace, respect, and love will naturally follow. Harmonism shares a number of beliefs with other older and more established religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. Harmonism can be well summed up by the Buddhist prayer of compassion: May all creatures be well and happy. As with Hinduism and Zen Buddhism, the art of meditation is instrumental in keeping ones heart and mind in unison with nature and the compassion prayer repeated several times during each meditation session brings calm, peace, and mindfulness. As with Zen Buddhism, environment is very important in promoting a sense of oneness with nature and Harmonists seek to foster natural beauty all around them. Harmonism is pantheistic as its followers see the divine in all of nature. God is not seen as the creator as Harmonists are evolutionist in belief. Harmonists may be vegan as the concepts of conservation and sustainability are prevalent but the eating of meat is not necessarily frowned upon for any and especially so for the young, elderly and pregnant and nursing mothers requiring higher sources of iron and protein in their diets. The important thing to be mindful of when utilizing animal flesh as a source of nourishment is to take only what is necessary and the killing of animals for sport is strictly prohibited. As with Buddhism, Harmonism seeks to avoid attachments to worldly goods and accepts the Buddhist recommendation to live less for happiness and more for inner peace. The preoccupation to attain worldly goods and the struggle to maintain those items often becomes all consuming in today’s world. One may look at his home, clothing, car and imagine it is not as good as someone else’s. This pattern of thought is contradictory to Harmonism a nd does not promote peace or love. Life is what you make of it and things can be taken away from you. Worldly possessions can be stolen or destroyed and the fear of that only serves to make one miserable. Harmonists seek to live within their means, to have what is necessary, and to cherish that which is truly meaningful — harmony, love, peace, and wisdom. Along the line of wisdom, Harmonists believe whole heartedly in education and the freedom, understanding, and peace that it brings. As with Confucianism, Harmonism strives for the betterment of mankind through education and an appreciation of the arts. Confucius sought to develop excellent individuals who would make up a harmonious society. Similarly, Harmonists strive to create a harmonious society in which beauty is fundamental — the beauty found in nature, in music, in poetry and literature, in art, and in mannerisms that are respectful of oneself and all others. To truly live in harmony, one must be aware of one’s surroundings and environment and how interrelated every living thing is with its ecosystem. In order to attain that understanding, it is imperative that education be available and sought be all. Kindness and respect for all living beings is tantamount to a harmonious society and therefore it is without question that every person must be educated as a means to care for and be courteous to every member of society.

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I realize that almost nobody on Earth today can pass the integrity tests that my fellow travelers were subjected to, and I do not ask that of anybody whom I will attempt to recruit into my upcoming effort. It will be a non-heroic approach, of “merely” achieving enough heart-centered sentience and awareness to where a world of free energy and abundance is only by a sizeable group , but who will also not be proselytizing. If they can truly understand this essay’s message, they will probably .

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