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 So, overall, my spiritual journey has been a winding and enlightening one to date.

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Answer: Spiritual journey is a phrase used by many different religions to mean the natural progression of a person as they grow in understanding of God, the world, and himself.

For Christians, Jesus is the spiritual leader as well as the model for how to rightly live life....

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There are several attributes that his quest shares with Joseph Campbell's theme of the journey of the spiritual hero, found in The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

Thoreau never explicitly reveals the spiritual truth at the end of his journey....

The processes of systematic transformation that underlie the Preliminary Exercises have been leading up to this point all along. Through the outer-inner-secret Guru, the seeker is led to the Divine. This is realized in Guru-yoga when the person who is meditating, mystically dissolves into the abstract heart-mind of the spiritual Guru. This is a very sacred moment, brought on by much sighing and heartfelt yearning for the sweet mercy (kripa) of mind-to-mind union.

Outline TOPIC QUESTION: How do the settings in the novel relate to Edna’s journey to spiritual awakening to find space for herself in the universe.

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Now the yogin is well along on the Spiritual Path, and undoubtedly by the time he or she has completed the above unique training several years have gone by. Through personal experience, he or she has discovered why this amazing path of spiritual exercises is laid out the way that it is. The Yogin realizes that this is truly a stupendous spiritual system, completely unique in the whole world—a system intended to bring the sincere seeker to the gates of Enlightenment in one lifetime.

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What are you going to do? What is your decision? Do you want to communicate with your God? Are you willing? I want you to think about some things. All spirituality has, at its core, what is already inside you. Inside you there is goodness. In all cultures, this goodness is expressed in the moral law. Immanuel Kant stated, "Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing awe and admiration the more frequently and continuously reflection is occupied with them; the starred heaven above me and the moral law within me" (Pelikan 1990 p. 178).

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After you have been on the journey for a long time, faithfully determined to follow God’s will, you can experience union. In union you join with God in an even finer way than before. In union you become as much like God as possible while retaining your self (Underhill 1974). Meister Eckehart reports on his union experience: "The knower and the known are one. God and I, we are one in knowledge. There is no distinction between us" (Benton 1978 p. 787). "At the place of central silence one's own life and spirit are united with the life and the Spirit of God. There the fire of God's presence is experienced…" (O'Connor 1972 p. 11).

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Marlow, the "second" narrator of the framed narrative, embarked upon a spiritual adventure on which he witnessed firsthand the wicked potential in everyone. On his journey into the dark, forbidden Congo, Marlow encountered Kurtz, a "remarkable man" and "universal genius," who had made himself a god in the eyes of the natives over whom he had an imperceptible power. These two men were, in a sense, images of each other: Marlow was what Kurtz may have been, and Kurtz was what Marlow may h...