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I thought I would be an English professor forever, but I made the mistake of having kids and buying a house with a man whose work was in Toronto, so I couldn’t follow the job market to a tenured position elsewhere and just had to get short-term contracts and fellowships. And then I made the bigger mistake of dropping out of university teaching for a few years to stay home with my children. That was the end of my academic career. So my teaching lots of places was by necessity, not by choice.

I would routinely keep the kids in the neighborhood entertained by playing basketball or baseball with them.

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Well, as you know I was inspired by walking my own dog to imagine finding a body in my neighbourhood, and what landed up interesting me more than the mechanics of the police procedural or conventional murder mystery with lots of red herrings and false suspects and so on was how that body would affect the person who found it. For Liz Ryerson, finding James Scott’s body shakes her out of her complacency and makes her question her life.

Often, news reports is full of all sorts of bad accounts, about incidents in your neighborhood, and round the community.

He killed a whole bunch of these Indian monkeys and they immediately became more respectful of Africans.
Bob Rhoads , Cambridge
I am not racist but is it coincidence that for example in America the highest crime rates occur in cities where black neighborhoods or most of the people caught smugling drugs in Indian airports are black .

And right there in his neighborhood, several married women, two of them his mother's very close friends, had sucked his cock.