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My favorite place in my house is my kitchen. I love food and my kitchen has a ton of it. We always keep the fridge and cabinets stocked with tons of different things to eat. My dad used to be a chef so he likes his variety with foods, and I like being able to eat italian one minute and then soul food the next. If i could design a perfect place in my house, I would design a massive kitchen with atleast three lazy susans and much bigger cabinets. I would put one of those new effecient energy saving refridgerators in my kitchen and have a thing like in spy kids. The thing where they go to the safe house, and open all the cabinets and their empty. So they close the cabinets and then they fill up with every single kind of food imaginable. Including fast food and gourmet food. That would be amazing.

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My favorite place to relax is my bedroom.

And if he does, will it hurt me as much as I thought it hurt my mother, or will I be able to take a deep breath, expand my heart another few inches, and listen to what he is really saying, listen to the hurt, the pain, the devastation, and know that the one thing I did differently is choose love, a real love, regardless of gender and sexual preference; I chose to slay the monster I thought was love and replace it with something my son could blissfully sleep soundly to at night, and rely on waking up to in the morning. Will I be able to stand strong before him knowing that I turned in my own nightmare of a life in exchange for something that he could one day be proud of instead of holding inside as shame?

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My favorite place in my house is any room. It doesn’t matter where I am, as long as i can eat in my room, watch television in the living room, and a bathroom where i can conduct my personal business, which by the way is probably the most peaceful part of the house. So I like all the rooms in my house except for my moms room, I don’t want to be in there, never.

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I would have to say my favorite place in the house, is my room. It’s good to have your own place to go when you dont feel like being social or you have things to get done. Whenever i get in a fight with my mom, or i’m not in a good mood, i like to iscolate myself from everyone.

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My favorite place in my house would have to be my bedroom! Its my favorite room because if im not at my neighbors house than im in my room. i like my room because its big and has plenty of space and it has my comfortable bed that i love very much. because i love to sleep!!!!

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My favorite space in my house is my room, I think that my room is the best looking and cleanest room in our entire house. I had recently got it re-done, painted, re-aranged, and all of that. I love my new room. Everything I need is in there, such as a place to get ready in the mornings, my own bed, my tv, my laptop, my own closet, everything that I need. I like getting new accessories and such that matches my room. The colors of my room are hot pink and zebra stripes. My room kind of reminds me of like a college dorm, where you have to live, and do all your studying and everything. Dorms are for the most part peacful, so that is what I feel like when I am in my room.

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my favorite place in my house would have to be my room because i have a really big bed and i sleep alot. i also have a ps3 and tv so ya dont really need anything else.

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My favorite place in the house is my room because you don’t have to worry about anybody coming in. My room is the best room in the house anyway because every body like being in there. Everytime somebody come in there’s always something to do.