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Even if it may seem a bit fake to some people this has made a lot of impact in my life.

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Music has always been a very important part of my life. At the age of 5, I was taking piano lessons, which required daily practicing and discipline. I went on to play flute in fourth grade and switched to oboe after "buzzing" an oboe reed at summer Band School in Elizabeth, N.J. My love affair with my oboe began! I taught myself to play French horn and trumpet in high school, rounding out my embouchure.

The basic information only situates my position in life but does not define me.

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I credit my love of music to my family, starting with my grandmother, who lived with us, teaching piano out of our home, for 21 years. My mom continues to play cello, after 70 years of performing. Dad played alto saxophone, performing with a big band in Williamsburg, Va., up until relocating to Maryland last year. Both my siblings played instruments from a young age, as well.

If you come to look at it, you can say my life is a teenage nightmare.

I raise both hands and give the down beat. On my left I hear long perfectly unison runs and high pitched heavens. On my right I hear the sycopated rhythms, redundant but beautiful. Heaven is upon me, surrounding me in angelic music.

Reflecting on major events of my life a pattern emerges defying relegation to mere chance....

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Music is meant to be shared. My greatest joys in life include music — from my marriage, a wedding, a funeral, a concert, a church service, a social event or the birth of a child. I plan to continue sharing my gift of music for a very long time. Let the music play on …

All my life I have loved music, every note, and every rhythm

Music joins people together in a unique and lasting way. I continue to play with musicians from the University of Delaware and with those from the Delmarva and Baltimore area. Music brought my husband and I together, when he attended a woodwind quintet concert at UD, prior to going out on our first dinner date. He continues to support me with my musical commitments, as well as our daughters, all of whom played musical instruments at the county and state levels.

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Music is a universal language that can be shared with people everywhere. This is one of the many reasons I am passionate about sharing my God-given talent with people in different venues, including concert halls, churches, people's homes or stages.

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Events that contradicted my ideas of the basic fairness of life would eventually be explained, that was what growing up meant to me: at some point I would be seen as worthy enough to be given the key to understanding what was going on.