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Rosa Park’s obstinacy and the Bus Boycott were some acts that affected the Civil Rights Movement.

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Boycotts and sit-ins and nonviolent confrontations—which were the weapons of choice for the civil-rights movement—are high-risk strategies. They leave little room for conflict and error. The moment even one protester deviates from the script and responds to provocation, the moral legitimacy of the entire protest is compromised. Enthusiasts for social media would no doubt have us believe that King’s task in Birmingham would have been made infinitely easier had he been able to communicate with his followers through Facebook, and contented himself with tweets from a Birmingham jail. But networks are messy: think of the ceaseless pattern of correction and revision, amendment and debate, that characterizes Wikipedia. If Martin Luther King, Jr., had tried to do a wiki-boycott in Montgomery, he would have been steamrollered by the white power structure. And of what use would a digital communication tool be in a town where ninety-eight per cent of the black community could be reached every Sunday morning at church? The things that King needed in Birmingham—discipline and strategy—were things that online social media cannot provide.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott began in December of 1955 and continued until December of 1956.

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Even though she did not realize that her act would have such as effect on people in America and the Civil Rights Movement, the Montgomery Bus Boycott and Rosa Parks' reaction benefits us in how we treat each other today.

Rosa Parks born and raised in Alabama was sitting alone on a Montgomery city bus....

Therefore if Rosa Parks did not choose to react the way she did when the bus driver asked her to get out of her seat, then we would probably still be having some racial problems on buses.

What Rosa had done on the bus started boycotts and created more and more activists.

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The demands were not met, and Montgomery’s black residents stayed off the buses through 1956, despite efforts by city officials and white citizens to defeat the boycott. After the city began to penalize black taxi drivers for aiding the boycotters, the MIA organized a carpool. Following the advice of , who had organized a carpool during a 1953 bus boycott in Baton Rouge, the MIA developed an intricate carpool system of about 300 cars. and others from the Alabama Council for Human Relations organized meetings between the MIA and city officials, but no agreements were reached.

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Discuss the connection between the Montgomery Bus Boycott and Liberation theology and explain how you think liberation theology has had an impact on society today.

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Local authorities in Montgomery, Alabama, arrested Rosa Parks, a black seamstress, when she refused to vacate her seat in the white section of a city bus on December 1, 1955. To protest Parks' arrest and the continued segregation of Montgomery's bus lines, members of the city's black community formed the Montgomery Improvement Association on December 4, 1955, and launched a community wide boycott to compel the system's integration. Under the leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr., black commuters and a small number of white sympathizers suffered official harassment, numerous threats, and personal inconvenience for more than a year while the matter made its way through the federal courts. On November 13, 1956, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court's decision, and ruled the segregated system unconstitutional. To celebrate the boycott's victory, King and three ministerial colleagues boarded a city bus on December 21, 1956 only one day after Montgomery officials received the court order to desegregate the city's buses, and took their seats throughout the vehicle.

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The assignment requires you to evaluate the account of the bus boycott found in the comic, using the excerpt from Rosa Parks’s autobiography and the research by historians McGuire and Cobb. In practical terms, this means noting the similarities and differences in these accounts.

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The Montgomery Bus Boycott is still known to be an important civil rights movement in history, and it came about by the arrest of Rosa Parks, the organization of boycotts by Martin Luther King Jr, and the organizati...