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Shylock charges high interest rates and when he is not repaid he insists on

revenge. In the play Shylock loans Antonio money, and out of jest he

suggests that should the loan not be repaid in time Shylock may cut off one

pound of flesh from Antonio's body. Soon after Shylock's daughter runs

away from home with Lorenzo, a Christian, and takes her father's ducats

with her. When Antonio's ships do not come in and he is not able to repay

the loan Shylock is no longer interested in getting his money back.

In Shakespeare’s play, The Merchant of Venice, one hidden theme is the idea of homosexuality.

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Shakespeare also shows the of Shylock throughout

the play. Shakespeare brings out these human qualities by causing us to

feel sympathy for him. After the loss of his daughter Shylock ran through

the streets crying "My daughter!

Shylock is an older, Jewish money lender who has one daughter named Jessica.

Is Shylock just being hateful, or is his disdain justifiable? We know Shylock has been abused in the past (he's been trash-talked, spit upon, called a dog, and worse), and it seems like there's not a scene that goes by in which some character isn't hurling anti-Semitic insults.

Shakespeare has created some very interesting characters in Bassanio, Antonio and Shylock.

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Shakespeare, with his pulse on the popular interest, presented The Merchant of Venice around 1597, hot on the heels of the Lopez trial. What's interesting about Shakespeare's Jewish merchant, Shylock, is that—depending on how you read the story—he is not a caricature of all things evil.

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Here Shylock insists on the fact that Jews and Christians share a common humanity. He also exposes the hypocrisy of the Christian characters who are always talking about love and mercy but then go out of their way to alienate Shylock because he is Jewish and different.

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Shylock's pained response to Jessica's actions reveals that he is deeply human, a point that he makes at a pivotal moment in the play, when Salerio and Solanio taunt him with Jessica's elopement:

Villain or Victim in the Merchant of Venice

Shylock also mistreats his own daughter, by not loving her enough, even to the point where he complains about all of the money he's spending in a search to find her.

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But as soon as the villain walks on stage he is hissed and booed, unfortunately it is not as simple as this in 'The Merchant of Venice' and how the audience react to the characters is all important in making the distinction between victim or vill...

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Or are you feeling like it might be a tragedy? And, given the amount of (insanely bigoted and shameful) history that needs to be covered in order for you to get the gist of The Merchant of Venice, maybe we should refer to this bad boy as a history?