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Holmes was appointed professor of anatomy and physiology in the Medical School of Harvard University, the duties involving the giving of instruction also in kindred departments, so that, as he said, he occupied "not a chair, but a settee in the school." He delivered the anatomical lectures until November 1882, and in later years these were his only link with the medical profession.

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Medical Essays by Holmes, Oliver Wendell

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Nater is the best teacher of medicine, after all." ~"Herb Doctor & His Nateral Physic," c.1831

Who knows much about the herbalist, except as an irregular practitioner of the art of healing—irregular, that is, inasmuch as he holds no degree or diploma, and yet often a skillful man in his way, who has acquired the trust and confidence of the country-side, and whose fame has travelled far and wide in a noiseless, subterranean fashion?

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