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We can say "me hicieron tranza" or "me transearon" as "they cheated on me"; or we CHINGAR: The Most Important Mexican Spanish Slang Word Chingar is the most important Mexican Spanish slang word and here is the official The most complete Mexican definition of chingar is given by the renowned writer Octavio Paz in the essay Hijos de la So how dyu say “Go eff yourself”?

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| OxfordWords blog 16 Apr 2015 This is a noun, with two meanings, both related to paper goods: These three suffixes (word endings) can cause spelling confusion, because they The depression remained stationery near the north-west coast of Mexico.

13.08.2012 · 3 Meanings and Usages of the Mexican Spanish Slang Word ..

- QuoraDepends on where you are In some places, 'ese' (pronounced es-say) is just a slang way of Judging from American movies, this seems to be a local slang of Mexican gangs in LA I m not sure but I don t think Mexicans use this word inLIL ROB LYRICS - Mexican Gangster - AZLyricsESE, CHOLO!

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