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Maryland, in this case Marshall ruled that Congress possesses certain implied powers.

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2. All first-year students at the University of Maryland read one book together as part of our First Year Book program. This year’s book is The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver. Silver asks us to consider why most predictions – even by experts – are so woefully wrong. He writes: “We can never achieve perfect objectivity, rationality, or accuracy in our beliefs. Instead, we can strive to be less subjective, less irrational, and less wrong.” Tell us about a time when your expectations and outcomes differed. How did the lesson learned inform your future decision making?

Karen Soeken PhD is a Professor Emeritus at the University Of Maryland School Of Nursing, Baltimore, Maryland....

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From Sunrise to Sunset: Beneath the Underground Interns' Essays on Slave Life in Maryland
Part of the internship program at the Maryland State Archives was structured towards original research on how ex-slaves depicted their lives in Maryland before they became free. The following series of essays are the result of the interns' study.

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he ongoing Maryland State Archives publication series, , currently provides access to over 471,000 historical documents that form the constitutional, legal, legislative, judicial, and administrative basis of Maryland's government. Online access enables users to research such topics as Maryland's constitutions and constitutional conventions' proceedings, session laws, proceedings of the General Assembly, governors' papers, and military records. This project allows the Archives to place into electronic form and preserve for future generations records that are scattered among a number of repositories and that often exist only on rapidly disintegrating paper.
he Information Technology Fund of the State of Maryland provided initial funding for the online . Additional funding comes from annual appropriations and private contributions. See for additional background as well as technical details and staff.

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