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(scraps)Sade himself imagined his libertines getting their pleasure in the here and now.

Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade (2 June 1740 ..

Judaea: Previously Canaan, renamed Provincia Syria Palaestina [Philistia] under Emperor Hadrian
160AD-633AD: Roman Palmyrene Empire: Syria, Palaestina & Aegyptus
633AD: Caliph Omarn
661AD-750AD: Umayyad Caliphate
750AD-1031 AD: Abbasid Caliphate
1050AD-1187 AD: Seljuk Turk vs Crusades
1250 AD-1516: Egyptian Mameluke Empire: Jews from Spain & Mediterranean migrate
1516: Ottoman Empire
1874–1878: Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener Palestine Exploration Fund.

The concept of sadism was brought about by a man by the name of the Marquis de Sade (1740-1814)....

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"..Phantasmagoric kind of fiction, whatever one may think of it, is not without merit: 'twas the inevitable result of revolutionary shocks throughout Europe thus to compose works of interest, one had to call on the aid of Hell itself, and to find things familiar in the world of make believe.." Marquis (Donatien Alphonse) de Sade...

There is evidence of this in the writings of Marquis de Sade, Casanova and James Boswell.

To support my thesis that capital punishment is not justified, I will expand upon an argument made my Don Marquis in his essay “Why Abortion is Immoral” in which he argues that killing is immoral on the grounds that it deprives human beings of a valuable future....

Sade himself imagined his libertines, like primitive humans and wild animals, living in the here and now.

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The Nabataeans ruled from their unique capital city carved out of the rose-colored stone cliffs of Petra
341 BC-633 AD: Rome: Alexander the Great
106AD: Rome seizes the Nabatean Arab capital of Petra
633AD-1050 AD: Caliphate
1050AD-1187 AD: Seljuk Turk vs Crusades
1187: Muslim Ruler Saladin
1250 AD-1516: Egyptian Mameluke Empire
1516-1916: Ottoman Empire
1916: Sykes-Picot Agreemant: England plans to carve up.
1917: Starvation, typhus & cholera outbreaks.
1922: Balfour Declaration: England divides Palestine into Palestine & Transjordan.

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Strained relations between Afghanistan & British India
1901: Richard Walmesley Blair & Ida Mabel Limouzin parents of novelist George Orwell Eric Arthur Blair work for the Opium Department of the Civil Service.
1905: Viceroy of India Lord George Nathanial Curzon, Marquess of Kedleston partitions Bengal State.

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Home [Ontario: 1887: George Francis Train crusaded against Pauper Auctions] Prime Minister of Canada Dec 1894-April 1896: Belleville Intelligencer Newspaper Owner, Orange Order Leader & School Board Chair Sir Mackenzie Bowell (1823-1917) Officer of hardware, insurance, & railroad companies.

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However, it consists of a formal structure, one with departmentalization and work division as well as evident rank and hierarchy (Marquis & Huston, 2012).

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Crusaders massacre Muslims & Jews & blame Jews for the Black Death
1478-1492: Spanish Inquistion: King Ferdinand VI of Aragon & Queen Isabella I of Castile persecute, torture & expel Jews & Muslims from Spain.