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fourth and last one is behavioural variable which is consumers are divided into different segments based on attitude, knowledge,response of the product and service In the case of Viyoga restaurant market segmentation based on psychographic, demographic, behavi...

Amongst the methods of marketing management, segmentation, target marketing, and positioning are of utmost importance.

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During this assignment I will also explain the relevance of segmentation to my chosen company and how they use it as part of an overall marketing strategy.

Hence, variables of geographic segmentation in marketing include the size of the region, regional climate, population density, and economic status.

Market segmentation deals with the identification of the market constituents into different groups or segments based on specific profiles (Kotler and Keller, 2012).

Market segmentation is done on the basis of factors, like culture, economic status, geographic differences, and behavior.

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Mass marketing is the fact of taking a market as a whole while market segmentation divides the market into different groups which shares the same needs....

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Description of segmentation: The purpose of market segmentation is to divide a large market into smaller parts in which the consumers have similar characteristics and needs for goods and services....

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Segmentation is simply the process of dividing your potential customers into different groups, the notion being that it is easier and more effective to tailor an offering to a relatively small group of people with similar wants and needs than it is to try to mass-market something to the world....

The process of market segmentation is typically a two-step strategy

“Market segmentation describes the division of a market into homogenous groups which will respond differently to promotions, communications, advertising and other marketing mix variable” (Cumming).

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Usage studies are also extremely common in market research, but normally to determine measures of market share and other . However this information can also be used as the basis of a segmentation approach.

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Dividing the market into groups of individuals, who share similar needs and preferences, in relation to goods and products, is called market segmentation.