The Prince Niccolò Machiavelli.

Machiavelli counsels that a prince must always be wary of men because they are

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One of the most important topics in The Prince is about the relationship of skillfulness (virtù) of the ruler and his good or bad chance (fortune) and their effects on gaining and keeping the power....

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Though he lived during the 1400’s his works are still being read, analyzed, scrutinized, and, in the case of modern politicians, used as a blueprint in how to run a nation.

Niccolo Machiavelli, through The Prince, attempted to teach man how to deal with human nature.

In the political treatise The Prince, written in 1532, Machiavelli outlines several key traits of a successful princedom such as; how to incorporate newly acquired provinces, the most successful way to conquer territories, the establishment of successful defense and military forces, as well as qualities which would make for the most desirable prince....

Gathered of position and statesman niccolo machiavelli, italian writer, born.

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Accordingly, in their respective works “The Tao-te Ching” and “The Prince”, Lao-Tzu and Machiavelli have sought to reach a more complete understanding of this relationship.

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He says, for example, that “men in general … are ungrateful, voluble, dissemblers, anxious to avoid danger, and covetous of gain; as long as you benefit them, they are entirely yours,” but their “love is held by a chain of obligation which, men being selfish, is broken whenever it serves their purpose.” (Prince, xvii, p....

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Machiavelli supports the idea that a prince use his power for the ultimate benefit of all, but he also does not condemn the use of any unpleasant means in order for the prince to maintain his power.

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Yet this perception, however legitimate it may be in many areas of Renaissance human achievements, shatters in the face of Niccolò Machiavelli's masterpiece The Prince.

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The goal of Utopia is to illustrate the maintenance of an “ideal” society and the goal of The Prince is to instruct a prince, or ruler, on how to maintain his state.