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SAT essays, how long should they be?

It should be emphasised that the bulk of the work necessary for this paper must be done during the LONG VACATION. Because of difficulties of access to libraries during that time, a lengthy period has been allowed for completion and.

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Q: How long should my students’ essays be?
A: A This I Believe essay should be approximately 500 to 600 words, or about three minutes when read aloud at a natural speaking pace. This is the guideline used by the original This I Believe radio series in the 1950s, and we have abided by their suggestion.

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Students will be asked to confirm their awareness of this process on a separate (unbound) Declaration form, which is to be handed-in at the time of submission. Identifying information must not appear anywhere other than on this form. A completed Cover Sheet should be stapled or securely attached to the front of each hard copy of the Long Essay, ensuring that all information is clearly legible. The full title of the essay should be repeated at the top.

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