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Firstly, students living at home can enjoy better living condition than ones living far from home. As home is the whole family’s place, it is normally large and well-equipped with many electric devices. Also, students are provided with fresh, nutritious food. On the contrary, dormitory or rent house are usually small with poor facilities. For example, many students living in cramped rent house have to use one small space for cooking, eating, learning and sleeping. Owing to busy learning, students may skip their meal or eat fast food, which badly influences on their health.

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In a dormitory, they can make new friends more easily, they can learnto become independent, and they can spend more time on study.
Firstly, living in a dormitory oncampus would enable freshmen to make new friends more easily.

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For students living off campus the academic support is little to none in there living environment. For many students they find it distracting to live among other people who may not share their same academic goals. Students who have moved off campus after one semester or two have said that the sense of community, that is found on campus, is lost in large apartment buildings. It isn’t the same warm and friendly open environment that is found in many of the dorms. It also can be hard to stay active in campus activities and clubs, because of the feeling of distance from the campus. Many students have found that they have no sense of connection to the school if they are not living on the campus.

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Living in the dorms means that a car isn’t necessary there are convenient busses scheduled to pick students up, almost right outside the door. I know I won’t have to worry about grocery shopping or finding time to make myself a meal because I can just run down to food service almost anytime and pick something up, if I am in a hurry. The food is nutritious and there is a variety to choose form. I find motivation to go to my classes because none are too far away from my dorm, and I have friends who I live with who are in quite a few of my same classes, so we walk together and give each other encouragement. I feel that I am encouraged to participate in campus activities and clubs, and that my dorm has a very good support system for academics in place.

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Living in a dormitory gives students a goodpreliminary training to standing on their own feet in the future.
Finally, living in a dormitory oncampus would enable freshmen to spend more time on studying.

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A second option for incoming students is to live at home and commute to school, and in my opinion they are really missing out on a large part of what college is about. Commuting can sometimes be a problem. It can be difficult to find transportation to the campus if a car is not available. Students who live at home don’t have the same sense of freedom and independence as students who move out of their parents house. Although the cost of going to school would be greatly diminished, because one could get there meals at home and not have to pay the cost of campus residence, students who live at home tend to miss out on the sense of community offered by living in a dorm. Often these students find it harder to get involved in campus activities and don’t have the same connection to the college and college life as those students who experience it 24 hours a day.

Living in a Dorm or living at home Essay

A friend of mine talked to me about her choice to not move into her sorority house as a freshman. Her reasons were that there would be fewer people with her major, and little academic support, she like the people who live in the dorm with her, she has made some very close friendships that she is reluctant to leave. Some other reasons were that in her house, being able to move would greatly depend on the number of people already living in her sorority, and if there was room for her to move in. The added stress of moving again, after getting settled into her dorm is something she didn’t really want to take on at the end of her first semester. Other people I have heard from have indicated that they didn’t want to move into their frat house because of the amount of partying and drinking that was common place in their house. That type of environment doesn’t really facilitate a good learning situation for many students.