are the dark elements used to give tragedy a feel of horror.

This realistic movement evolved because of many changes and transitions in American culture.

Can you establish a word web of contrastive and parallel words?

A horny, butt-kicking, foul-mouthed twenty-something, Sputnik Chick made a time hop from an alternate reality, known as Atomic Mean Time, in order to avert a nuclear disaster in her slightly-darker version of Planet Earth.

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Chesnutt and Realism: A Study of the Novels.

On the one hand, the adults in his life assure him that everything is just fine while on the other hand, his own steel-trap logic and the Green Channel point to the desperate importance of treating the earth with more respect.

Realism and the Birth of the Modern United States : Cinema, Literature, and Culture.

Authors were responsible for building characters who “placed greater emphasis on the value of intuition and imagination than on objective reason” (Keenan.) After the phase of Romanticism, Realism came into play....

The Fabric of American Literary Realism: Readymade Clothing, Social Mobility and Assimilation.

Magical Realism represents the marriage of these two words.

The purest (or, at least, the most intense) literary form is the lyric poem, and after it comes elegiac, epic, dramatic, narrative, and expository verse. Most theories of literary criticism base themselves on an analysis of poetry, because the aesthetic problems of literature are there presented in their simplest and purest form. Poetry that fails as literature is not called poetry at all but verse. Many novels — certainly all the world’s great novels — are literature, but there are thousands that are not so considered. Most great dramas are considered literature (although the Chinese, possessors of one of the world’s greatest dramatic traditions, consider their plays, with few exceptions, to possess no literary merit whatsoever).

It’s a grim conclusion for the tradition ofmemoir, from St.

The Greeks thought of history as one of the seven arts, inspired by a goddess, the muse Clio. All of the world’s classic surveys of history can stand as noble examples of the art of literature, but most historical works and studies today are not written primarily with literary excellence in mind, though they may possess it, as it were, by accident.

1.2 What inspired me to research in Realism Theatre....

In addition, we have the philosophers who perceive freedom as an inseparable part of our nature, and spend their lives questioning the concept of freedom and attempting to understand it (Transformative Dialogue, n.d.)....

Magical Realism is a fusion of fantasy and reality.

The later nineteenth century saw an intensification of developments that had begun several decades earlier with the French Revolution of 1789. The middle classes continued to struggle against absolutist regimes and to establish their own hegemony in the economic, political and cultural spheres. In 1848 Europe was shaken by revolutions in France, Vienna, Berlin, Venice, Milan and Prague. Nationalism achieved a sharpened focus, with several countries, notably Germany and Italy, achieving political unity in the 1870s. By the end of the century, imperialism had spread to an unprecedented extent over large portions of the globe. The forces of the industrial revolution accelerated, with ever increasing migration to the towns, a vast surge of population, and the development of communication and transportation. It was in this period that there developed in Europe an industrial work force which began to challenge bourgeois ideology and institutions. Working conditions and industrial unrest were described in the novels of Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865), Charles Dickens and Emile Zola. But it was the middle classes who now controlled the fate of much of Europe, and it was the middle classes who now formed the primary readership..