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Students in Liberia study by candlelight to catch up on missed time during the civil war.

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Poverty and the lack of goods and services have been a persistent problem for the people of Liberia. An agrarian society, few global corporations have made investments because of the long-standing civil war. As was true for Sierra Leone and other African countries such as Angola, the diamond trade helped fund the civil war. Diamonds from Sierra Leone had an estimated export value of more than $300 million annually in 2010. Diamonds from these countries are often called because of their use as currency to fund death and destruction. The concept of blood diamonds originated in the civil war in Angola years earlier. The UN banned the export of blood diamonds from Liberia during the war and finally lifted the ban in 2007. Looting and corruption by warlords and military forces pillaged the country’s other resources, leaving most of the population with few opportunities and advantages for the future.

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No one knows exactly how many children were orphaned during Liberia’s civil war. But in the years immediately after, the number of orphanages across the country tripled. Between 2005 and 2006, adoptions from Liberia to America . Bender was 14 years old when she was adopted.

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