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Leopold and Loeb were sent to the state prison in Joliet and officials there were ridiculed by the public and the press for the special treatment they received. Obviously, money was changing hands as each enjoyed a private cell, books, a desk, a filing cabinet and even pet birds. They also showered away from the other prisoners and took their meals (which were prepared to order) in the officer’s lounge. They were also allowed any number of unsupervised visitors and were allowed to keep their own gardens.

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In this essay, I intend to examine the idea of value in nature, drawing especially on Holmes Rolston III’s concept of systemic value and ecosytemic ethics and Aldo Leopold’s land aesthetic (as presented by J....

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The Hyde Park-Kenwood neighborhood that was scarred by the murder of Bobby Franks is much changed from 1924. The residence of Nathan Leopold at 4754 South Greenwood Avenue was destroyed and the property was subdivided. The Loeb mansion at 5017 South Ellis Avenue was torn down in the 1970’s. The Franks homes at 5052 South Ellis remains today, although it is deteriorated from its state in the 1920’s and shows signs of neglect.

The Leopold and Loeb of Modern Libertarianism

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When the brief bit of excitement was over, Leopold and Loeb casually drove away, stopped for lunch and then ended up near a culvert along the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks. After dunking the boy’s head underwater to make sure that he was dead, they poured acid on his face (so that he would be hard to identify) then stuffed his body into a drainpipe.

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Both Leopold and Loeb were wealthy, well-educated teenagers; their shocking actions represented a deviation from the traditional stereotypes and beliefs about crime and its perpetrators.

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Richard Loeb was the son of the Vice President of Sears and Roebuck and while he was as wealthy as his friend, Loeb was merely a clever young man and far from brilliant. What he lost in intelligence, he more than made up for in arrogance however. He fancied himself a master criminal detective but his dream was to commit the perfect crime. With his more docile companion, Leopold, Loeb began developing what he believed to be the perfect scheme. He also constantly searched for ways to control others. Not long after the two became friends, Leopold attempted to initiate a sexual relationship with Loeb. At first, he spurned the other’s advances but then offered a compromise. He would engage in sex with Leopold, but only under the condition that the other boy begin a career in crime with him. Leopold agreed and they signed a formal pact to that affect.

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Why didn't he think we could put all the blame on Leopold and Loeb?
Leopold and Loeb pleaded guilty, so the trial was all about whether or not they should hang.

What do you think?
In your pairs:

Develop an argument in support of Darrow's determinism OR develop an argument showing L+L had free will and therefore we should blame them.

Write it down and be ready to feed back.
You've heard all the arguments.

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A key work within the emerging queer cinema of the 1990s, Tom Kalin’s (MFA 1987) debut feature Swoon is a sparse, but highly stylized, dramatization of the infamous Leopold/Loeb kidnapping and murder case. While set in 1920s Chicago, the film mixes contemporary deconstructive, culture-jamming strategies with an almost timeless, sensual handling of the physical materials of the medium. Writing in the New York Times, Janet Maslin declared it an “audacious” work intent on fracturing “familiar notions and prejudices.”