The formula is the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

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Who was Leonardo da Vinci . . . A short Biography

Mona Lisa’s mysterious magnetic power transfers to the viewer with personal interpretation of this extraordinary in many ways artwork. Leonardo’s desire to keep the painting always with him, created a mystic atmosphere around it, which reflected in posing unlimited quota of questions, concerning the identity of the portrayed person as well as it’s symbolic meaning. The lack of information concerning Da Vinci’s personal life stimulated the world of mystery believers. Leonardo’s protective attitude towards his private life, led to all kinds of suppositions. He was cautious in each aspect of his activities, which in the light of his particular interests in human anatomy and mysterious inventions, was a necessary must. He wrote his notes in reverse, so nobody could read his writings. After an anonymous accusation for his homosexual affairs on the 8th of April 1476, from which he was acquitted, he became rather protective, solitary, concentrated on his individual work.

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the first people to experiment with the idea of .

I liken Leonardo Da Vinci to this mythical wizard.

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Sooner or later, Leonardo da Vinci had seventeen half brothers and sisters.

The background of winding rivers and rock formations is an example of Leonardo da Vinci's personal view of the natural world.

Leonardo DaVinci was much more than an artist.

Yup that’s right the tremendous Leonardo da Vinci also created the  life changing tank.

As an engineer, Leonardo da Vinci's ideas were ahead of his time.

We want to inform that the replicas of the Codice del Volo and Codice Leicester, shown in the photographs of your “Leonardo da Vinci Notebooks and Mirror Writing: Two notebook replicas available to examine in the Rare Book Room”, were made in our craft workshop in Italy and were produced by us with the paper sculpture technical, an exclusive working method created by us and implemented in years of work. Also the silk fabric, shown in the photo of Codice Leicester is our exclusive drawing and production. You can verify what we say by visiting our website , the art galleries Artpat, Etsy, Saatchiart, our profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
The Smith & Press did not produce any replica of Leonardo’s codices but bought some specimen from us some time ago.
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Da means from therefore Leonardo da Vinci means Leonardo from Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci was a different kind of scientist from Galileo, Newton and other scientists who followed him, he integrated the arts and painting in his theorizing and hypothesizing.

They went out and happened to things.”Leonardo da Vinci

In the totality of my research for this paper there is I believe universal acceptance among art critics and historians, that Leonardo da Vinci was a master painter, conceivably one of the greatest of all time. So for the sake of this exercise let’s agree on that point, and then we can more readily focus on him as an exceptional practitioner, and see what he gave us in terms of technique.

Leonardo da Vinci the Scientist

He thinks of the end before the beginning!” (Wallace VI. Conclusion A. Leonardo Da Vinci was a man who was dedicated to his studies and that made his work the best of the best.