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There are several mandatory reporting requirements that affect all nurses; for example, the Standard for Mandatory Notification under the National Law Act, and child protection.

The purpose of this seminar is to offer nurses a forum to debate and enhance their knowledge of modern law as it affects their practice.

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The process of rightfully obtaining consent is an area of the Law that nurses will often be exposed to. For accountability and safety of practice, nurses must be clear as to what constitutes consent and the circumstances upon which a person is able to make an informed decision to refuse treatment. Having a clear understanding of your patient's rights in consenting and refusing treatment will also support your role as a patient advocate when you witness another member of the health care team who is not honouring this patient’s right. Therefore, this session is designed to help you come away feeling confident in your knowledge of this legal aspect of your care and ready to apply this knowledge in your practice. Case scenarios of poor consenting practices will be discussed to demonstrate what exactly is consent and how refusal of treatment can change across the lifespan, with focus on these particular areas:

The two major reasons for lawsuitsagainst nurses are medication errors and falls (Nurses Legal Handbook, 2004).

This introductory session will discuss how the law interprets relevant codes of practice and standards and will explain how the courts use them when litigation occurs. Reviewing The Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia, it will reveal why Codes of Practice are a fundamental reference to nursing care and the protection of patients. Includes:

NURSINGLIABILITY AND LAWSUIT CAUSES Before 1932, nurses were expected to followevery doctors' orders without question.

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Objectives: Assignment one:
After successfully completing this assignment students will:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of law and ethics in 21st Century registered nursing practice in Australia 2. Apply published theory to case situations. 3. Synthesise published material with the student’s own analysis to demonstrate appropriate conclusions. 4. Demonstrate professional communication in the accepted form of an Academic Assignment.

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Guidelines 1. Use strong themes and support these well – write clearly to your audience (the reader).
2. APA6 is the appropriate form of referencing.
3. Achieving correct referencing formatting is just one aspect of referencing. More important is how you use someone else’s published material and correctly synthesise it into your own work – and correctly acknowledge that it is either theirs – or ascribed to someone else within their work (a secondary citation).
4. Each section of the assignment should read smoothly within itself and bring the reader in (introduce the topic) and out (conclude).
5. Three sources from texts or the literature is the MINIMUM expected in section one and two.
6. The use of ENDNOTE is encouraged
7. Academic staff assistance is provided to answer questions, look at themes or student outlines or assist with resources.
McDonald, F., & Then, S. (2014). Ethics, law and health care : a guide for nurses and

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We will now look at an example of a real case that was investigated under the National Law Act. You will be encouraged to consider the implications of the behaviour of the nurse and the points of law that were transgressed. Includes: