The art of sound

Jose Gonzalez

Imaginational Anthem

The New York indie label Tompkins Square has released another all aucoustic album, Imaginational Anthem Vol.2. Im usually the type of listener and appreciates a nice aucoustic track on an album, maybe even two, but I can rarely get down with a full album without words. But on Imaginational Anthem the guitars speak for themselves.

The album combines folk artists of the 1960s with some of the better pickers of today. One of the more notable for me of course was Jose Gonzalezs inclusion. Enjoy this aucoustic track from Jose and another sample from Imaginational Anthem Vol.2.

Jose Gonzalez - Suggestions

James Blackshaw - River of Heaven

Here is the full tracklisting..

1) James Blackshaw - "River of Heaven"

2) Peter Lang - "Future Shot at the Rainbow"

3) Jose Gonzalez - "Suggestions"

4) Jesse Sparhawk - "Light Cycle/Tetrahedra"

5) Michael Chapman - "Leaving The Apple"

6) Sean Smith - "What Blooms in Summer Dies in Winter"

7) Fred Gerlach - "Devil's Brew"

8) Christina Carter - "Ascend Mem"

9) Jack Rose - "Cross The North Fork II"

10) Billy Faier - "New World Coming"

11) Sharron Kraus - "Looking For The Hermit's Cave"

12) Robbie Basho - "Kowaka D'Amour"