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Jorge Luis Borges’ terse, mind-expanding stories reshaped modern fiction

Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo ..

"," one of Borges' most famous short stories, takes place in—you guessed it—a library. But this is no ordinary library. For one thing, it's huge: there are endless bookshelves, there are duplicate books, and there are infinite corridors.

Борхес хорхе луис (borges, jorge luis) (1899 1986), аргентинский писатель, известный прежде всего лаконичными прозаическими фантазиями, часто.

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The enduring appeal of Borges's short fiction shows us too that ideas matter. Because while some of his stories are constructed around the sort of "gotcha" endings we associate with O. Henry (say, for example, in Borges's "Emma Zunz"), some of them are built around ideas so astounding, so paradoxical and marvelous, that they linger in the mind long after reading. In Gibson's words, they increase the bandwidth of the brain.

There are few writers who understand and exploit this primal link more persistently than Jorge Luis Borges.

It's generally good advice--advice that will set you up to write the sort of fiction largely published in contemporary literary magazines and journals. But it's not the only way to write a story, and the short fiction of Jorge Luis Borges reminds us that there are other points of departure, other foundations upon which to build fiction, and one of them is the concept. (It's the central feature of genre fiction for a reason.)

Хорхе луис борхес jorge luis borges года, буэнос-айрес, аргентина года, женева, швейцария) аргентинский прозаик,.

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is a collection of short stories and essays by Borges. He gets our heads spinning with stories about gardens with forking paths, a strange country called Uqbar, and a translator who tries to re-write Cervantes' famous novel Don Quixote.