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Yet, if you take the time to fill out the application, use two hours to complete an essay, then get the scholarship, you have just earned $100 an hour!

Funds academically talented new students (minimum GPA 3.5) who wish to pursue doctoral studies at Howard University and who have interest in college or university teaching.

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face each other alone at this year’s first US presidential debate, after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that third party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein had failed to qualify for the 26 September face-off.

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Magic Johnson says he does not want the Los Angeles Lakers to win another game this season, but for good reason. Magic says he's rooting for his former team to tank and tank big. "I hope the Lakers lose every game," Johnson told reporters. "Because if you're going to lose, lose. And I'm serious."

The Johnson Scholarship competition takes place in two stages