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Senator John Forbes Kerry is running for Democratic nomination in the 2004 presidential race

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Perhaps most disturbing is Kerry’s ardent support of Bush II’s 2002 request of Congress to unlawfully transfer their non-delegable war-declaring power to the president to launch first-strike, pre-emptive war as he determined to be necessary to defend national security. This Iraq war was conducted in direct violation of the
U.S. Constitution and international law, and every member of Congress who voted for it violated their oath to uphold the highest law of our nation. There were 23 Senators and 133 members of the House of Representatives who voted “NO” on the October 2002 resolution, far more grotesque in lies and fabrications than the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that granted unlimited war authority to President Johnson.

For its part, State Department Spokesman Adm. John Kirby told TheDCNF Kerry is not a beneficiary of the investments and does not own them.

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Where there is no freedom of religion, there are no other “first freedoms.” Conversely, America’s greatest challenges on the international stage—China, Russia, Pakistan, North Korea and Iran—are all violators of individual religious liberty.

What, then, of the new secretary of state?

In April of 2002, John Kerry wrote a letter to President Bush endorsing the “The Tax Haven and Abusive Tax Shelter Reform Act of 2002”.

On March 7, 1969, I arrived at a tiny airbase south of the Bassac River in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta as head of an Air Force combat security unit. On March 13, Navy swiftboat commander John Kerry received a bronze star for actions on the Bay Hap River 70 miles further south. Two years later, in April 1971, we would meet at a week-long veteran’s encampment on the mall in Washington, DC, during the historic “Dewey Canyon III: a limited incursion into the country of Congress” organized by Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW). Kerry, recipient of five war medals, was one of its organizers. I was ecstatic to simply be present with 1,000 other veterans vigorously opposing a senselessly brutal and racist war still raging.

It might not be John Kerry but certainly it is his wifey…and its not Bernie Saunders…. BUT CERTAINLY it is Billary and Trump.


In 1985 Kerry threw a party for his “doghunters,” and it was there that I heard him mention several times that his initials “JFK” (John Forbes Kerry) would one day enhance his aspirations for the White House in the footsteps of his hero, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I chuckled. Then John said he had a new appreciation for the covert actions used to facilitate U.S. foreign policy, having been briefed about the nation’s secrets by the CIA, DoD, and other security agencies.

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“I will strengthen the capacity of intelligence and law enforcement at home and forge stronger international coalitions to provide better information and the best chance to target and capture terrorists even before they act.” – As if the United States was not already wiring, tapping, bugging and surveilling every institution in the known world and every creature that moves across the earth, and summarily imprisoning them by the thousands. It sounds like a remark Kerry threw in, as with many of his other remarks, hoping to demonstrate a nonexistent difference between his foreign-policy views and those of the Bush administration.

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However, her exit leaves large questions about whether her successor has much interest in such issues.

How are religious freedom advocates, particularly people of faith such as conservative Catholics and evangelicals, to forecast how Secretary of State Kerry will act (or not act) on this issue?

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Secretary of State John Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz have invested millions of U.S. dollars through family trusts in at least 11 offshore tax havens, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.