Rockefeller; Captains of industry, or robber barons.

For decades, the Rockefeller name was despised in America, associated with John D.

One the most influential of them all was John D.

(Her own philanthropic outlook was summed up when she told one of her sons, “Your father will do so much more good with money than the United States will ever do, that it is a crime to let it change hands.”) His pursuit of women led him into two marriages and many affairs—liaisons that biographers would treat lightly were they not so entwined with his public life and all too public death.In a long, exceedingly detailed, and often enthralling biography, “On His Own Terms: A Life of Nelson Rockefeller” (Random House), the historian Richard Norton Smith has written what will probably stand as a definitive Life.

Rockefeller: Turning Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Into Success John D.

John Egan, Rockefeller’s coördinator of utilities, told Joseph H.

Rockefeller, born on July 8, 1839, has had a huge impact on the course of American history, his reputation spans from being a ruthless businessperson to a thoughtful philanthropist (Tarbell 41).

John Rockefeller was born July 8th, 1839, the second of six children....

Throughout most of American history, kids generally didn't go to high school, yet the unschooled rose to be admirals, like Farragut; inventors, like Edison; captains of industry, like Carnegie and Rockefeller; writers, like Melville and Twain and Conrad; and even scholars, like Margaret Mead.

Rockefeller, Jr., who built Rockefeller Center, and the grandson of that “malefactor of great wealth” John D.

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It is therefore not surprising that the House of Rockefeller has had its own 'nominees' planted in all Federal agencies that have to do with health. So the stage was set for the 'education' of the American public, with a view to turning it into a population of drug and medico dependents, with the early help of the parents and the schools, then with direct advertising and, last but not least, the influence the advertising revenues had on the media makers.

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Rockefeller fall into that category or was he one of the "captains of industry", whose shrewd and innovative leadership brought order out of industrial chaos and generated great fortunes that enriched the public welfare through the workings of various philanthropic agencies that these leaders established.

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And while 'giving away' those huge sums to drug propagandizing colleges, the Rockefeller interests were growing to a world-wide web that no one could entirely explore. Already well over 30 years ago it was large enough for Bealle to demonstrate that the Rockefeller interests had created, built up and developed the most far reaching industrial empire ever conceived in the mind of man. Standard Oil was of course the foundation upon which all of the other Rockefeller industries have been built. The story of Old John D., as ruthless an industrial pirate as ever came down the pike, is well known, but is being today conveniently ignored. The keystone of this mammoth industrial empire was the Chase NationaI Bank, now renamed the Chase Manhattan Bank.

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True, Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller may have been the most influential businessmen of the 19th century, but was the way they conducted business proper.

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Young John Rockefeller entered the workforce on the bottom rung of the ladder as a clerk in a Cleveland shipping firm. Always thrifty, he saved enough money to start his own business in produce sales. When the Civil War came, the demand for his goods increased dramatically, and Rockefeller found himself amassing a small fortune.