Rockefeller captain of industry or a robber baron?

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John Davison Rockefeller How it all started.

Rockefeller fall into that category or was he one of the "captains of industry", whose shrewd and innovative leadership brought order out of industrial chaos and generated great fortunes that enriched the public welfare through the workings of various philanthropic agencies that these leaders established?

In February 1865, John bought out the Clark brothers for $72,500 at auction and established the firm of Rockefeller & Andrews.

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He was buried in Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland.

John may not have lived to be a hundred, but he certainly reached his goal of making $100,000.
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what he is; captain of industry or a robber baron?

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John said, "It was the day that determined my career." business organization and new inventions In 1866, his brother William Rockefeller built another refinery in Cleveland and brought John into the partnership.

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Young John Rockefeller entered the workforce on the bottom rung of the ladder as a clerk in a Cleveland shipping firm. Always thrifty, he saved enough money to start his own business in produce sales. When the Civil War came, the demand for his goods increased dramatically, and Rockefeller found himself amassing a small fortune.

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These industrialists of the late 1800s, known as the “Robber Barons” or “Captains of Industry”, were very influential in America, from their own industry to even the Capitol.