Joan’s was tried, convicted and executed in the name of the Church.

Joan convinced the captain of the dauphin’s forces that these voices were real.

Lorraine was Joan of Arc's Dahomey.

Joan urged Charles to declare himself as the legitimate ruler of France. Reginald of Chartres performed the coronation ceremony on July 17, 1429, at Rheims, place of traditional crowning of the French kings. She began her second mission as inner voices urged her to take back Paris from Burgundians. Charles and his adviser the archbishop did not support her. The king was more interested in a political rapprochement with the Burgundians. Joan and the duke of Alençon, along with new recruits, marched toward Paris on August 23. The vacillating policy of the king and advisers had given enough time for the English and Burgundians to regroup.

- Female military geniuses include Queen Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, and Joan of Arc.

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The astonished judge threw the case out of court, and spoke of her as "this marvellous child."
    She went to the veteran Commandant of Vaucouleurs and demanded an escort of soldiers, saying she must march to the help of the King of France, since she was commissioned of God to win back his lost kingdom for him and set the crown upon his head.

Joan Of Arc (In French Jeanne d'Arc) was born around 1412, in the village of Domremy, France.

Joan of Arc was a saint like this as well, she was too far ahead of her times and was killed by her fellow men, because they didn’t know what else to do.

- The Woman Warrior Research Paper delves into a semi-autobiography of Maxine Hong Kingston.

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They run through the whole gamut of feeling and expression -- from scorn and defiance, uttered with soldierly fire and frankness, all down the scale to wounded dignity clothed in words of noble pathos; as, when her patience was exhausted by the pestering delvings and gropings and searchings of her persecutors to find out what kind of devil's witchcraft she had employed to rouse the war spirit in her timid soldiers, she burst out with, "What I said was, 'Ride these English down' -- and I did it myself!" and as, when insultingly asked why it was that her standard had place at the crowning of the King in the Cathedral of Rheims rather than the standards of the other captains, she uttered that touching speech, "It had borne the burden, it had earned the honor" -- a phrase which fell from her lips without premeditation, yet whose moving beauty and simple grace it would bankrupt the arts of language to surpass.

Joan of Arc or in French Jeanne d'Arc, was born in 1412

Joan's old generals, her secretary, several aged relations and other villagers of Domrémy, surviving judges and secretaries of the Rouen and Poitiers Processes -- a cloud of witnesses, some of whom had been her enemies and persecutors, -- came and made oath and testified; and what they said was written down.

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    Finally, Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais, paid the money and bought Joan -- ostensibly for the Church, to be tried for wearing male attire and for other impieties, but really for the English, the enemy into whose hands the poor girl was so piteously anxious not to fall.

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    Joan asked one other favor: that now that her mission was fulfilled she might be allowed to go back to her village and take up her humble life again with her mother and the friends of her childhood; for she had no pleasure in the cruelties of war, and the sight of blood and suffering wrung her heart.