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Korean “Comfort Women” of Wwii Essay Example for Free

Korean “Comfort Women” of Wwii Essay

Seen as "damaged" and "undesirable" as many survivors were infertile due to the sexual abuse and rapid injection of No.606
Rejected by families and communities; and sometimes treated and viewed as prostitutes in the community
Some families moved away after comfort women were kidnapped
Many Korean comfort women tried to hide their experience if they could.

With this historical context in mind, I ask whether the Korean government and society truly views and treats comfort women as war victims.

The Comfort Women and Japan’s War on Truth - The New …

Summary of Professor Park Yuha’s Book “Comfort Women of Empire”
to find out the truth. Professor Park of Sejong University in South Korea is the leading expert on comfort women issue.

Without prompting, they told me that they do not like to be called

There is one uncomfortable truth about the comfort women. Prostitution was legal in Japan before the war and after. Yes, some of the women were well paid and treated reasonably well. Many comfort women were also Japanese women. Few of them have come forward.

In one story (that does not appear in my half-hour documentary), the comfort women sang along with an American officer's ukulele.

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In addition to these falsehoods, in the Coomaraswamy Report filed with the United Nations, as well as in United States House of Representatives Resolution No. 121, the Japanese military stands accused, not only of abducting comfort women, but also of drawing and quartering them, and of slaughtering them en masse in order to cover up the evidence of their crimes. What we are asking for here is simply the correction of statements such as these that are so greatly at odds with fact.

We believe it is our mission as scholars to bring facts to light exactly as we find them. We must not allow ourselves to be drawn away from our scholarly preserves and into the realm of politicization, as doing so would hinder the kind of dialogue and cooperation that are necessary for solving the many problems that we now face.

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Sanctioning the brothels near the U.S Military base Presented by Bo Kyung Kim Silence broken trailer: Documentary Current status of the law sue: In 2000, there has been discovery of these photos (taken around 1944).
2005 and 2012, there have been two Korean comfort women who were identified from these photos
This photos are seen as the "physical" evidences Japanese government have been demanding
Fresh break to hope for new progress in these cases.

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“Among the many instances of wartime sexual violence and military prostitution in the twentieth century, the ‘comfort women’ system was distinguished by its large scale and systematic management under the military, and by its exploitation of young, poor, and vulnerable women in areas colonized or occupied by Japan.”

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Despite the argument that the Korean government is making, the contradictory, cultural and political representation of comfort women shows the double victimization that comfort women are subjected to.