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Genevieve is a homeless orphan, very much in the tradition of Jane Eyre, searching for a home even as she is driven out of one house after the other. She finds shelter in the household of a poet, Gerard, a figure inspired by the biographies of both Flaubert and Mallarme. All the women in Gerard's life start to compare stories, with startling and subversive results. Set in Normandy just before the First World War, the novel explores the relationship of history to myth and how these come together in secret, subterranean worlds.

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Characters: Jane Eyre, Helen, Mr. Rochester, Mr. St. John, Hannah, Diana, Mr. Brocklehurst
Keywords: gothic, governess, orphan

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A jilted lover skirts the edges of time and place as she walks the streets of London at night; a woman returns to the scene of her honeymoon without her husband; a bereft daughter traces her relationship with her mother as she slowly packs up a house in the afternoon of death. In this brilliant collection of intimate and intense stories, Michèle Roberts takes us to nineteenth-century Venice, 1970s England, modern-day France and beyond. Here are Tristram and Isolde with a twist; George Sand, sick in Venice with her unfaithful lover; and the bitter maid taking care of young Adèle-both forced out of Rocherster's home to make way for the passions of Jane Eyre... With her subversive, often witty exploration of women's desires, memory, grief, love and betrayal, Michèle Roberts demonstrates once again why she remains one of Britain's most invigorating writers.

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