Government: Robin Hood or just robbing hoods?

Antony and the Johnsons performance  from Dark Mofo in Hobart, Tasmania.

Facsimile: / John Locke. – Bristol : Thoemmes, 2003. – Vol. 1.

A new edition, with additions. Carefully revised and corrected. London: printed for and sold by J. Nicholson, Cambridge. M,DCC,LXXIX [1779]. 330, [2] p. 12o.

Facsimile: / John Locke. – Bristol : Thoemmes, 2003. – Vol. 2.

xi That idea from Plato that we were once joined as one, then we were split into two. And love is a process of seeking that other to complete oneself. Trying to complete fragments, however, can also lead to wrong conclusions. Hence divorce, paranoia, and/or both.

Antony and the Johnsons will release their five track EP “Thank You For Your Love” on August 24th via Secretly Canadian. The title-track is the lead single from the forthcoming album “Swanlights” also being released by Rough Trade on October 11th and Secretly Canadian on October 12. The album is now available for pre-order including bundles consisting of the full length CD and EP, vinyl LP and EP, and book with CD and EP will be available for sale on August 4th. Those who purchase the bundles will instantly receive an advance download of the EP. The pre-order is up .

At head of title: “Locke’s Essays.”

To celebrate the Swanlights album release, Antony will be "taking over" the music website for a week starting on Monday. We have prepared interviews with Marina Abromovic and Bjork, essays including one on Native American Two Spirit traditions, video debuts by Charles Atlas, Peter Sempel and Antony and the Johnsons, features on several musicians and an art series. We are really excited about it! Check in throughout the week for daily updates.

The was included in St. John’s edition of (1843) []

; with the / John Locke ; with an introduction by Mark G. . – Ware, Hertfordshire : Wordsworth Editions, 2014. – xxvii, 850 pages. – (Wordsworth classics of world literature)

Dedication signed: John , Oxon, Ap. 17, 1695.

i Metaphor, from the Greek, meaning to carry across. Or a moving van that blocked the view of the Parthenon while Stephen Jay Gould lunched alfresco: “I was annoyed at first, but later wonderfully amused as I watched the moving men deliver some furniture to the neighboring house. The van said Metaphora. Of course, I realized. Phor is the verb for carrying and meta is a prefix meaning “change of place, order, condition, or nature. . . . A metaphor carries you from one object . . . to another.”

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So, next come questions: Whom did he meet? Unknown.
Tea? Darjeeling. Maybe they killed him when he said,
Please pardon me and left unaccompanied
his cup. L. had always feared walking
through crowded lobbies

/ by Louisa . – London : printed by J. Nichols, 1811. – 273 p.

Christianity and other religions have historically cast nature itself as female. It is no secret that almost all the world's religions are structured and governed by hierarchies of men. They have sought to subjugate the feminine and redirect our focus towards themselves as the spiritual conduits who can teach us of paradise elsewhere, beyond the realm of this life. But our intuitive sense of connection to the natural world is precisely what we need to re-engage now if we hope to overcome our alienation and restore balance to our relationship with the ecology of our home, the Earth.

– London : C. and J. Rivington, 1823. – viii, 87 p.

Tests come back clean. Still, L. insists: They are
killing me
. Doctors think: Metaphor; The pains
and tests must be difficult
. Then, he is dead.
We loathe passive construction, demand subjects,
clear relationships.