It is seen as heretical and is not considered part of Islam.

The only countries considered to be at peace are those where Islamic law (the ) is enforced.

He dare not leave Islam, and he is loyal purely out of fear.

14. In Islam there is no concept of Trinity. God is one and indivisible. Hinduism recognizes three highest functional aspects of God in the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, who are called the Three Deities (Trimurthis), depicted either as one or separate deities, who carry out the three primary functions of God's manifestation, namely creation, preservation and destruction. Each of these three are also recognized as God Himself by their followers.

The death penalty is applied to anyone who renounces Islam and converts to another religion.

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The greatest asset that Islam has in achieving its worldwide goal is the wishy washy belief system (if any) of the West. Until the West returns to Christian traditions and values, Islam will continue to march into the heart of Christendom.

As the recent East African bombings remind us, Islam is a challenge that we cannot ignore.

10. Hindus consider the world in which we live to be illusory and unreal. It exists in relation to the senses and to the extent they can grasp it and make sense out of it. It is unreal in the sense that it is ever changing, destructible, impermanent, created and relative. We are not sure whether what we see is the reality or the truth, because the senses are such imperfect and unreliable instruments of truth. The best means to arrive at truth are direct experience, the experience of others, the inferences based on the things that exist or do not exist or may exist and may not exist, and scriptural authority. The concept of maya or illusion, the existence of Prakriti or nature, either as a dependent or independent aspect of God, and the role of senses in the delusion of the individual beings are alien to Islam. According to Islam the word here is as real as the heaven or hell. They are God's creation and rest in Him.

Muslims are not permitted to make peace with a non-Muslim country until its inhabitants surrender to Islam.

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The devastating defeat of the Muslim forces by the Meccans in the battle of Uhud (AD625) led to what could be considered one of Islam's greatest victories.

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Muslim states are the most severe persecutors of Christians, and Muslim terrorist groups are the most vicious hijackers, kidnappers, bombers and assassins.

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Say, 'Ye have no faith; but ye (only) say 'We have submitted.'" Surah 49:14) Islam does not place much value on personal faith, but demands surrender to the political rule of the .

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In Sudan, the Islamic government uses slavery as an incentive to encourage Arab Northerners to attack the Christian Blacks in the South, and as a weapon of terror to destabilize non-Muslims.

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Muslims see themselves as a using argument, intrigue, commerce, threats, terrorism, warfare and every other means possible to secure Islam as the only religion worldwide.

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Al Turabi, has often declared his goal of an Islamic empire controlling (initially) the horn of Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan).

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To add insult to injury … I understand believing muslims feel it is in their right to directly lie to unbelievers in the name of islam, and feel they are telling the truth for allah. This issue makes in nearly impossible to tell what comes out of their mouth as sincere or not. All of which feeds the ignorance that circles us already.