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Many people have advanced theories to explain why Hamlet's urge for revenge is blocked.

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The crime committed by the antagonist would have no law against it or a bizarre reason why it is unpunishable by the law, so the central character of the story has to find a way to get their revenge since society couldn’t take care of it.

He not only failed, but he killed another man and isolated himself forever from the woman he loved.

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In Shakespeare’s play the character of Hamlet is looking to avenge the murder of his father King Hamlet and in McCabe’s novel the character of Francie Brady seeks for revenge for almost everything that has happened to him, from the death of his mother to the loss of Joe’s friendship....

The way he executes his plans also exemplifies a clever use of deception to amplify his vengeance.

she did it to stay the queen, maybe she really
did love claudius, either way her life with King Hamlet was easily forgotten while Hamlet could not do the same.
I think Hamlet was justified in seeking out revenge
for three main reasons:
Hamlet felt he had no one supporting him after loosing his father
Hamlet was dealing with an abundance of emotions that he could hardly control
Hamlet was sensing betrayal in all of his relationships
Claudius goes on to bribe Hamlet's friends and while they do protest they end up accepting anyways in hope of helping their friend.

However, this revenge sometimes goes to far and is consequently not justice....

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After he discovers how his fate has come to be, he devises a very clever plan to escape and get his revenge on all parties involved with his mistreatment.

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Hamlet is not justified in killing Claudius until it is clear that Claudius corrupts everyone around him and that he needs to be removed for the good of the state.