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129).  Hamlet reveals to his friends and his mother of his plans topretend act insane.

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- William Shakespeare's Hamlet is Sane In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, the lead character, Prince Hamlet of Denmark, has been interpreted in numerous ways.

Lucid and ingenious, Prince Hamlet falls into a state of emotional turmoil, but he is never insane.

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(Once again, being genuine looks like insanity.)But the king comes out and says that he thinks that Hamletis neither in love, nor insane, but very upset about something.

Hamlet is sane in this play because prior to going “insane” he informs us he is going to.

By examining Hamlet and his actions throughout the play against the characteristics of sanity, such as the ability to reason and knowledge of the difference between right and wrong, it will be shown that Hamlet was in fact sane.

Hamlet would try to deny insanity, not pride himself in the fact that he is insane.