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Some people go even further, considering the uncertainty and ambiguity of canon to be a good thing and decry the Word of God as shackling the imagination and interpretations of the fans — a belief supported by some modern literary criticism, notably in Wimsatt and Beardsley's "The Intentional Fallacy" and Barthes' essay, both of which argue that the interpretation of a work cannot be limited to attempts to discern the "author's intentions."Something else to consider is that, often, particularly when it comes to comedy shows, creators may make statements that are meant as jokes, or at least, not meant to be taken seriously.

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“My first intention was to create just one poster, but the reaction was so warm and positive that I decided to keep doing one poster for each episode.” Siqueira, whose work also includes illustrations for Blizzard, Nike, and Rolling Stone, focused his posters on a striking image from each episode, with a particular emphasis on the faces of its characters.

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