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Is Addiction a "Disease"

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Many people do things that they enjoy compulsively – for example watching TV, knitting, playing video and traditional games, sex, the internet, artistic endeavors, stamp collecting and virtually every other hobby. So why define certain activities, such as reading, as addictive and not others? We’ve all seen those crazed wool-wielding knitters! Conversely, if we define all activities as addictive, then saying something is addictive loses meaning.

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As the chapter mentions, our culturally created opinions of addiction make it acceptable to casually discuss some obsessions while noting no mention of others. Reading, to me, is a vital part of life and knowledge. It is difficult to grasp the future of literacy, or beyond literacy, when I am having difficulty comprhending the issues with being overly consumed with reading. Addictions like gambling or compulsive shopping will have obvious negative impacts on individuals’ lives, but I’ve spent much of my life being encouraged to read and learn from others’ writing.

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Mike mentions “social distancing” as a possible aspect of reading addiction, and I think that this is the most significantly negative aspect of compulsive or obsessive reading. I agree that reading in an elevator or on the subway hardly constitutes an addiction, but what happens when our intense preoccupation with the written word robs us of the basic human experience. I bring a book with me everywhere I go, and it acts as a sort of security blanket for me – I know that if I am reading people won’t bother me, and I do not have to interact or engage with the world around me. I guess this isn’t really addiction, but it is certainly a coping mechanism that can be detrimental to myself.

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The “contagion” analogy is worth considering. The implication is not simply that obsessive (or unsupervised) reading is damaging but that the example of doing it, the public activity of this act, will lead others (infect them) to behave the same way. Is reading a disease?

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According to a source on the Internet entitled Alcohol and Drug Treatment: The Disease Concept Of Substance Abuse and Addiction, the idea of drugs and alcohol being a disease is a “very controversial and debated topic.” For the purposes of this essay, I am...

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There is a spurious aspect to your argument. Heavy reliance on a particular tool for apprehending the human condition does not in itself constitute addiction, withdrawal symptoms notwithstanding. Are we addicted to the use of our eyes, our ears, our skin? The deleterious effects of sensory deprivation are well documented. Does that make sensual apprehension of our world the equivalent of a heroin addiction? Your argument is prone to the errors that come out of thinking by association. Maybe the addiction here is not our attachment to literacy, but our nostalgia for psychoanalytic thinking. Maybe a better title for the book is: Beyond Freudianism.

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It seems unlikely that reading can be considered a physical addiction in the way that a drug can be. It does not introduce a new chemical substance into our bodies which interacts directly with our existing chemistry.

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I was googling reading addiction and not finding anything that took it seriously. Even this essay seems to just pose the question of it’s existence more than address the problem.