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Motor vehicles helped led to the invention of pneumatic tires for trucks.23

The automobile became a sign of status for young men and ladies in the 1920s.

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As explained by Carlisle & American (2005), the 21st century is characterized by major inventions and developments where almost every individual lives on the edge of both scientific and technological advancements. A good number of great minds have put tremendous effort to establish or develop different discoveries and inventions that have helped to improve the life of people. For a very long time, people have always struggled to establish strategies or techniques that can better their lives in one way or another. There are many examples of inventions and discoveries that can be used to show the effort that people have employed to enhance their life’s as well as make the world a better place to live. This paper focuses on invention of the automobile; an invention that has offered significant benefits to people. In addition, the paper discusses the history of automobile invention, establishes its usefulness, and compares it with other inventions like computer invention.

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In conclusion, it is true to say that the invention of the automobiles and computers are amongst the greatest inventions in history. These two inventions have played a significant role in making life better by improving and taking the general lifestyle of people to higher levels. In my view, I believe that undertaking frequent improvements on the two inventions will go a long way in increasing the current benefits enjoyed from these inventions. It is also worthy to note the contribution of other inventions and discoveries that have helped to improve people’s lifestyle in one way or another.

Invention of the Automobile


Automobile invention can be closely compared with the invention of computers. Since the invention of computers, the world has experienced a lot of changes in different levels. According to Ceruzzi (2003), computers were invented in 1945 and since then, they have served a vital role in the lives of people. Just like automobile, the need to own computers increases each day. In developed countries like the United States, households take computers as a necessity such that life can never be complete without a computer. The benefits associated with this invention include the following. To start with, invention of computers has really changed people lifestyle in different ways. For example, it has become easier for people to shop online hence eliminating the need for them to travel long distances. Secondly, people have found it easy to share information over long distances within a short time. This is usually done through emails where one can type a given message from the word processor of a computer and send it instantly. However, this is only possible if the computer has an internet connection that facilitates sending of information. Computers have also provided significant benefit to the education sector. Nowadays, it is easier for students who own computers to engage in distance learning. This reduces on the overall costs incurred in making travel arrangements and in purchasing reading materials.