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In one of these dreams, for instance, it was now Freud's father who urinated in front of him.

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In the years that followed the first edition of the book, Freud also realized that The Interpretation of Dreams had a personal significance that was just as important as its professional value. In his preface to the second German-language edition, he confessed:

Freud, S. (1900). The interpretation of dreams. S.E., 4-5. (cf. Joyce Crick, Trans., 1999)

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Freud believed that whenever a strange figure entered his dreamscape, the personage undoubtedly represented some aspect of himself that could not be expressed in waking consciousness.

Freud admires the respect that ancient peoples paid to this sort of dream, because at a scientific level it makes sense.

He realized that the content of patients' dreams were a good indicator of their state of mental health, and that dreams were like other symptoms in being capable of interpretation.

Those who reach for a Freudian interpretation of the tank are onlyexpressing their lack of response to what is there on the screen.

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Equally, ideas could be 'displaced' (a familiar person could become someone else, a house takes on a different purpose etc.).
While some writers believed that the memory of daily events was the prime cause of dreams, Freud came to the view that both physical sensations while asleep and memories of what happened during the day were "like a cheap material always available and put to use whenever needed".

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The issue of Irma's opening her mouth "properly," to which Freud connects his wish to replace her with her friend, leads him to the "navel" of the dream, the descent into which he either will not make or will not share with us. This is the first of many instances in which Freud appears to abandon or censor very personal thoughts connected with his dreams. The images (to which Freud alludes later, in Chapter 6.D) are "oral" in the psychodynamic sense, and hence preoedipal and -- given Freud's concurrent interest in the -- connected with oral sex acts, Freud's interest in which at this time is attested by the Fliess letters [cf. ""]). Freud's interest in the nose in this period is the prototype of some of his later thinking about orality, and about obsession. (see Freud, 1909 , p. 248)]

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Anzieu [noting that Lacan had the idea first] suggests that "thetheory -- a triad expanding into other triads -- matches the formalconstruction of the dream, where figures mostly appear in sets ofthree" (1975/1986, p. 149). So Freud associates to "Widows" (Irma,her friend, Martha), to "Elders" (Breuer, Fleischl, Emanuel), and to"Equals" (Otto, Leopold, Fliess).

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3. The manifest cast of characters: Irma, a "hysterical"widow (Anna Hammerschlag, daughter of Freud's Hebrew teacher); Otto(Dr. Oscar Rie), Freud's friend ( partner), medicalassistant, and pediatrician to his children; M. (Dr. Josef Breuer),Freud's elder co-author of Studies on Hysteria (1895); Leopold(Dr. Ludwig Rosenberg), pediatrician colleague and friend of Freudand Rie; and Freud himself.

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Finally, the unconscious motives of the dream seem to be rooted in medical malpractice by friend's closest friend, Wilhelm Fliess, on the occasion of the nose operation on Ms. Emma Eckstein he had performed at Freud's request the previous April. Freud's personal state and intellectual concerns in the summer of 1895 -- as well as his concurrent psych-pharmacology -- are illustrated by his letter to Fliess on 12 June, reporting the "nasal" case of a Mrs. R (note Midas ref):