The poem consists of three stanzas that do not have a regular meter.

Essay needs a title of its own that incorporates this poem title and possibly the poet’s name

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In much that is classifiedas literature the truth-value and practical relevance of what is said isconsidered important to the overall effect But even if treating discourse'non-pragmatically' is part of what is meant by literature', then it followsfrom this 'definition' that literature cannot in fact be 'objectively'defined.

Or, as it’s usually put today, that a work of art by definitionsays something.

The poems of Robert Frost reflect a journey, his own personal journey

Larkin, Philip. "Home Is So Sad." Literature and the Writing Process. Elizabeth McMahan et al. 1st Canadian ed Toronto: Pearson, 2005. 444.

There is a duality in the meaning of the poem- war and the coldness of winter....

This, as I have suggested, does not necessarilymean that they will refuse the title of literature to a work which theyhave come to deem inferior: they may still call it literature, meaningroughly that it belongs to the type of writing which they generally value.

Life-Cycle: Written in the 1960’s this poem is one of the most famous of Dawe’s collection....

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An introduction will be given to the poem in terms of what it is about and events leading up to her killing, and the events that took place after her death.

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Such value-judgements are not necessarily ofthe same kind as 'This cathedral is a magnificent specimen of baroque architecture,'but they are value- judgements nonetheless, and no factual pronouncementI make can escape them.

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I do not mean that it is unstable because value-judgement are 'subjective'.According to this view , the world is divided between solid facts 'outthere' like Grand Central station, and arbitrary value-judgements 'in here'such as liking bananas or feeling that the tone of a Yeats poem veers fromdefensive hectoring to grimly resilient resignation.

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'Our Homer isnot identical with the Homer of the Middle Ages, no 'our' Shakespeare withthat of his contemporaries; it is rather that different historical periodshave constructed a 'different Homer and Shakespeare for their own purposes,and found in these texts elements to value or devalue, though, not necessarilythe same ones.

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Itmay be, of course, that we still share many preoccupations with the workitself; but i may also be that people have not actually been valuing the'same' work at all, even though they may think they have.

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The poems contained in The Songs of Innocence often have a counter part in the second collection that reflects a darker or more corrupted take on the same subject....