Usage of the Internet and Its Effect On Youth Development

So basically, everyone who uses the Internet in some way pays for part of it.

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internet as popularly known as global network which unites millions computers users across the globe in different countries of the world. Is just like salt if used properly u get relief and if uses other wise hmm

While many computers on the Internet require users to have authorization, others are open to the public and can be logged onto with telnet.

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Internet is a medium which has enabled computers to connect with each other. This also includes routers, servers, the wires and the antennas that are part of the entire setup procedure. Internet technology has with each other, perform business or get entertained. The medium has perished the boundaries or constraints that were once present in the world. Internet technology has erased those boundaries helping individuals and business in various ways. People found the perfect weapon to communicate from any location and at any point of time. At the same time, business enterprises found internet as a powerful intermediate to expand to different locations of the globe.

Recent studies and research have gone deep enough to actually differentiate between compulsive Internet use and excessive Internet use.

The original network, dubbed ARPANet (for the Advanced Research Projects Agency that developed it) evolved into a communications channel among contractors, military personnel, and university researchers who were contributing to ARPA projects.
The network employed a set of standard protocols to create an effective way for these people to communicate and share data with each other.
ARPAnet's popularity continued to spread among researchers, and in the 1980's the National Science Foundation, whose NSFNet, linked several high speed computers, took charge of the what had come to be known as the Internet.
By the late 1980's, thousands of cooperating networks were participating in the Internet.
In 1991, the U.S.

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I’m a student and internet helps me complete my assignments, I don’t have to read through all books because I can easily search it on Google and find sites like this to complete my home work. Moreover I can stay connected with my friends on social networking sites. Also there are sites which helps teachers and students to get connected, teachers can send us work assignments, check our homework, give us instructions, marks and all other stuff.


Well, I see there are many other bad effects of the Internet such as: spam mail; Viruses; leakage of private information; or the children may access to the websites adults only…
Anyway, thanks to your opinion. they’re so useful for me. VIETNAM

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These days, more information is presented to more people from more sources than at any time in human history. This study was designed by applying the Uses and Gratification theory framework, to understand Internet usage among students. The objectives of this study are to identify the relationship between purpose of using the Internet, pattern of Internet usage and Internet skill with the gratification of Internet usage as a mediation variable and positive youth development (PYD). The objectives for this study are to determine the mediating effects of Internet gratification usage between purposes of Internet usage, Internet skill, and patterns of Internet usage and positive youth development. The present study used a survey design to achieve its objectives. This study found a significant and positive relationship between purposes of Internet usage with gratification of Internet usage. Also, the purpose of Internet usage has significant relationship with connection and confidence in PYD dimension. The relationship between gratification of Internet usage and five dimensions of positive youth development is positive and significant. The relationship between pattern of using Internet and the character dimension in positive youth development is significant. There is no relationship between Internet skill and 5 dimensions of PYD.

More and more uses of Internet are being discovered as days go by.

Lack of information creates a negative impact on our lives, particularly on the educated layer of society. The new media is one of the most important mass media in the world and it changes the world in many aspects. Students are the most important group in society because they would be building the future society. Students who use the Internet tend to be more open-minded than those who do not use the Internet. According to Trish , women who use the Internet tend to be more open minded than those who do not use the Internet. Malaysia has 16 million Internet users . Even children in Malaysia spend 19 hours per week, 9 out of 10 had been to negative experience while surfing. In 2008, 17.9% Malaysian youth, their age between 15 to 19 are the highest users of Internet compared to the other age group. The National Youth Development Policy of Malaysia considers youth as people aged between 15 and 40 years. Because Malaysia was chosen as a location of this study, researchers followed the Malaysian’s youth definition. The youngest respondents are 18 years and the oldest ones are 40 years old.