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The problem with the definition of intelligence is that people relate intelligence to words like “genius” which require intelligence but do not have the same definition as intelligence.

Throughout my research, it became apparent that the acceptance for an accurate definition of ‘Intelligence’ is still an issue to date.

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In this paper the definition of intelligence and how it is measured will be discussed by comparing and contrasting the two intelligence tests and two achievement tests chosen from the Mental Measurement Yearbook.

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It will be shown that any attempt to 'rank' collection methods in terms of their importance is only productive insofar as it is necessary to effectively direct the most suitable collection method against an intelligence target....

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One definition that best suits the current idea of intelligence is “the knowledge – and ideally, the foreknowledge sought by nations in response to external threats and to protect their vital interests, especially the well-being of their own people” (Russell 2010, p.7)....

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Definition of HUMINT Human Intelligence or HUMINT is intelligence that is collected through espionage commonly by sending clandestine officers to foreign countries in an attempt to recruit spies and gather valuable information....

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