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The other has to do with public school choice, and programs that provide incentives for integration. For example, in Cambridge, Mass., every school is a magnet school. Parents choose among a variety schools, and then those choices are honored with an eye to creating socioeconomically integrated schools, looking at the free and reduced lunch eligibility as a key factor. That’s been a system that’s been in place for a number of years now and has produced some very positive results.

Do you see an immediate opportunity for technology integration into these school settings.

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It is commonly believed that learning is enhanced through the use of technology and that students need to develop technology skills in order to be productive members of society. For this reason, providing a high quality education includes the expectation that teachers use educational technologies effectively in their classroom and that they teach their students to use technology. In this chapter we have organized our review of technology integration research around a framework based on three areas of focus: (1) increasing access to educational technologies, (2) increasing the use of technology for instructional purposes, and (3) improving the effectiveness of technology use to facilitate learning. Within these categories, we describe findings related to one-to-one computing initiatives, integration of open educational resources, various methods of teacher professional development, ethical issues affecting technology use, emerging approaches to technology integration that emphasize pedagogical perspectives and personalized instruction, technology-enabled assessment practices, and the need for systemic educational change to fully realize technology’s potential for improving learning. From our analysis of the scholarship in this area, we conclude that the primary benefit of current technology use in education has been to increase information access and communication. Students primarily use technology to gather, organize, analyze, and report information, but this has not dramatically improved student performance on standardized tests. These findings lead to the conclusion that future efforts should focus on providing students and teachers with increased access to technology along with training in pedagogically sound best practices, including more advanced approaches for technology-based assessment and adaptive instruction.

This plan, especially in the 1950's, did very little to do away with segregated schools even though it was a race-neutral policy for integration.

There’s resistance to socioeconomic integration as there was to racial integration. But the focus of public schools is not simply the private benefit that students gain from education. If that was the goal, you should have a system that everyone pays their own way, and you should get whatever education you can afford.

Advantages of intergration in schools essay.

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To understand what role integration plays — or should play — in public education today, FRONTLINE spoke with Richard D. Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation in Washington, D.C. Kahlenberg, who has studied the impact of segregation in schools, explains why integration matters and why he believes it should take on a new meaning in the 21st century.

Technology Integration in the Classroom Essay

Secondly, the research in academic achievement never suggested there was something about the whiteness of the skin that benefited African-American students. It was always that low-income students of all races do better in an economically mixed environment. … Their classmates had parents with higher education levels, which was related to higher aspirations. In middle-class schools, parents usually have more flexible jobs so they can volunteer in the classrooms. They have cars to get to PTA meetings. … [Meanwhile], when you integrated low income and working class African-Americans and whites, there were no achievement gains.

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As I have developed a classroom environment conducive to the realization of my technology integration vision, I have shared my vision with families and educators in my school, district, and state....

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There is no one solution that would repair the issues facing these schools, but the integration of technology would be a step toward their goals of success....

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Board of Education of Topeka. "Racially segregated schools," the Court concluded, are "inherentlyunequal." The Court found support for its decision in studies that indicated thatminority students learn better in racially mixed classrooms. The next year, in ,the Court announced a decision outlining its plan for implementingracial desegregation in the schools. The Court took a cautiousapproach, remanding the cases to district courts with orders tointegrate the schools "with all deliberate speed."