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But the status of a slave is preferable tothat of a slave holder.

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Indra lives by moral codes and she feels every corporation owes society care. Indra points out that many companies are bigger than small countries. Organizations need to help society reach goals and solve problems (). When discussing the choice to face the challenges at Pepsi during the economic collapse, rather than slash prices and bolt quickly, Indra explained “Look, this is my company, this is my living, my livelihood. And 300,000 people in PepsiCo depend on PepsiCo for their life and their livelihoods. There are pensioners and investors out there who are hoping PepsiCo will remain a successful entity forever” (). This is just one of many examples where Indra has turned to her moral compass and exercised strong emotional intelligence in making leadership decisions.

240, wrote: “Gandhi receivedback from America after it had been distilled and crystallized in the mind ofThoreau.”

It is not a case of strengthening the hands of Indira Gandhi ..

He said :

"We have shown how much we (Europeans) surpass the Indians in courage andwickedness, and how inferior to them we are in wisdom. OurEuropean nations have mutually destroyed themselves in this land where we onlygo in search of money, while the first Greeks traveled to the same land only toinstruct themselves."


Rajiv Gandhi was born in one of the most prominent political families of India

On the contrary,Indian wisdom flows back to Europe, and will produce a fundamental change in our knowledgeand thought." His anti-Christianism was largely based on a fierceanti-Biblism; .....he attributed systematically to subtle influences originatingon the "holy-banks of the Ganga."

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