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This research work studies the population in Ibadan, evaluating it’s Is Violent Crime Increasing?
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As we've said, a large part of certain economic sectors (hotels, transportation, supermarkets, construction) are controlled by Mafiosi. In a land without a tangible industrial base, public monies are the Mafia's main target. Everything has its price. Most politicians (Left and Right) can be bought, and the same holds true for managers of most larger banks and utilities. In Sicily, many (if not most) public or semi-public jobs are sold for money or - in rarer cases - sex. (An attractive, educated but unemployed young woman is easy prey in a region with a perpetual 30% unemployment rate.) Public contracts are assigned - actually sold - in exchange for bribes and kickbacks. Everybody expects a substantial kickback (usually at least 10%), from the politician who gets you a public advertising or construction project to the event organizer who gets your musical group a gig in the local music festival. In business, money laundering is a way of life. It's all part of "The New Mafia." In such a climate, the (protection money) and revenue through legitimate businesses set up with Mafia money are still important.

such as those from Canada, is not associated with any increase in property crime.
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The crime rate is Video embeddedThe north eastern city of Tripura recorded the highest rate of crimes against women at 37 percent, compared to the national crime rate of US Canada If violent crime keeps increasing at this rate, Get the latest breaking news specials from Alex Jones and the Infowars crew.

Internet crime is increasing rapidly as more and more people are using the internet to make financial transactions.
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Increasing Crime Rate In India Essay Example for Free With the rapid urbanization and development of big cities and towns, the graph of crimes is also on the increase. This phenomenal rise in offences and crime in Increasing Crime Rates in India and Ways to Curb It Essay Example Increasing Crime Rates in India and Ways to Curb It Essay There are no short cuts to reduce the growing crime rate in society ofcourse , it is the duty of the Growing Crime Rate in India | Essay Growing Crime Rate in India | Essay. Article shared by. Growing Aspirations for status elevation have also increased in recent years. A number of people have Increasing Crime In India, Essay Sample/Example - EssayBasics 2 Mar 2017 A report published by the National Crime record showed that over the last 53 years, the crime rate in India has continuously increased over the Crime in India - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Along with violent crimes (like homicide, robbery, and assault), and property crimes (like The most common types of crimes in India are listed below. .. The IPC crime rate in 2006 was 167.7 compared to 165.3 in 2005, showing an increase 354 words short essay on rise of Crimes in India - Preserve Articles 19 Aug 2011 This has made our democratic and constitutionally bound society, into an increasingly crime-prone zone. Nefarious activities like rape, robbery Delhi is India's crime capital: Study 9 Jun 2008 "The main reason for the increasing crime graph is primarily midst of night also,Delhi police are not able to contain the fast crime rate growth? Real exam essay on increased crime rate , please mark it. - The Take an example of a country like India, where there is an apparent increase in crime rate due to poverty. The government needs to check this Crime among the Youth in India - Indian Youth The astounding and alarming rates of crime by youth in India have called for The major cause of increasing crime rates amongst youth is the 'easy money'. Essay on Violence against Women in India for Students Find paragraph, long and short essay on Violence against Women in India for etc; the rate of unnatural sex and violence with women is also on the way. like dowry death, sexual harassment, cheating, murder, girl child abuse, robbery, etc.

In conclusion, although a number of factors can be responsible for increasing the crime rate, the government can help to control the situation.
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The government can play an important role in reducing the crime rate. To start with, the number of policemen patrolling the streets should be increased. The police should also monitor the activities of young students who drop out of school. Parents too need to keep a tab on their children. Finally, the rehabilitation programs in prisons should teach prisoners personal and social skills along with vocational training in order to make them better citizens.

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The cost of living has increased immensely in recent times. A large number of people are not even able to put food on the table. When they fail to feed their family, they may get involved in offenses such as shop lifting and robbery. There has also been an increase in the number of people who migrate to urban areas for employment and a better lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of them fail to find jobs and eventually turn to crime to make a living.