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Kant also seeks to apply his principal to suicide, as well has helping others in distress....

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However, the traditional Problem has already insensibly been brought up; for in his critique of the concept of cause and effect, Hume did question the of causality, a proposition, and the way in which he expressed the defect of such a principle uncovered a point to Kant, which he dealt with back in the Introduction to the , not in the "Transcendental Logic" at all.

Allison, Henry. Kant’s Theory of Freedom. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1990. DOI:

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This shortcoming is what was directly addressed and answered by , whose epistemology thus could save the generality of Kant's theory without falling back, like Hegel, into speculative metaphysics.

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The second paragraph, however, redeems the impression by giving us a logical to distinguish between truths that are "relations of ideas" and those that are "matters of fact": A matter of fact can be denied without contradiction.This was the immediate inspiration to Kant, who can have asked himself how something "demonstratively false" would "imply a contradiction." A contradiction means something of the form "A and not-A." If a proposition expressing a matter of fact can be denied without contradiction, then the subject and the predicate of such a proposition cannot contain anything in common, otherwise the item would turn up posited in the subject but negated in the predicate of the denial.

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I think that Kant is better off without the "alone"; for if he really means that "the representation alone must make the object possible," this would mean that, apart from the representation, there are necessary conditions for the presence of an object.

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In his 1795 political philosophical essay, Kant begins by setting out the “preliminary articles” to the establishment of an everlasting peace between states....

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If he was not busy at meals, he ate in the inn at a table sought out by a number of cultured people." Kant gave himself to this mode of life in such an easy and relaxed way that even the most meticulous psychological observer among his intimates was occasionally puzzled about him; in 1764 [Johann Georg] Hamann says that Kant carries in his head a host of greater and lesser works, which he however probably will never finish in the "whirl of social distraction" in which he is now tossed.

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41]Kant therefore understood that Hume's problem was not with the , that there were causes and effects, and necessary connection, but with the , the epistemic justification of the principle.

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In his argument, Kant postulated the soul as necessary for giving unity to the human person and found that it is not the human body that gives human beings their dignity, but their rationality and their status as rational beings and moral agents.

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Nevertheless, Kant had already made a name for himself with his often original ideas in and with his growing critique of the widely accepted, at least in Germany, thought of (e.g.