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For someone to feel that they belong, they must feel the support of friends and family.

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All people, on some level, desire to feel a sense of belonging that will emerge from the connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world.

This is because I believe that one’s life experience can enhance and diminish their sense of belonging.

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It is nottherefore unity of substance that comprehends all sorts of identity,or will determine it in every case; but to conceive and judge of itaright, we must consider what idea the word it is applied to standsfor: it being one thing to be the same substance, another the sameman, and a third the same person, if person, man, and substance, arethree names standing for three different ideas;- for such as is theidea belonging to that name, such must be the identity; which, if ithad been a little more carefully attended to, would possibly haveprevented a great deal of that confusion which often occurs about thismatter, with no small seeming difficulties, especially concerningpersonal identity, which therefore we shall in the next place a littleconsider.

There are several ways that this text relates to belonging and not belonging, all of which become increasingly obvious as the novel progresses....

Gaita manipulates the Romanticised representation of the loving father in opposition to the troubled mother figure Christine to evoke a sense of belonging in the reader to the filial biography “Romulus, My Father”.

The verse novel, ‘The Simple Gift’ explores how relationships and place can impact detrimentally on one’s identity and sense of belonging....

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I have published an award-winning poetry collection; I have explored my Indigenous ancestry, Mi’kmaq linguistics, and travelled to readings across Canada; I have taught literature to students in the Department of English at Memorial University and to incarcerated Indigenous women in the Clarenville correctional centre. I had rarely in my life felt surefooted or rooted in a solid sense of self until I rediscovered my Indigeneity. Now a further challenge has come from the government and the people to whom I belong.

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There was something about belonging to the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation, a landless band, that made me feel grounded, as if I finally had some roots. Again, the earth was coming up from underneath me. Now I am learning to navigate a future without a status card, as a former member of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation.

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This essay will discuss the importance of acceptance to belonging and also how other aspects hold equal value with reference to various texts, namely the poems ‘This is My Letter to the World’ and ‘I had been Hungry all the Year...

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Numerous texts reflect the fact that engaging in relationships with others, including varying groups and cultures, is integral to a feeling of belonging.

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Though I attend powwows and ceremonies, and am learning to write some Mi’kmaw, I am exploring multiple selves and reorienting my sense of self as an Indigenous writer. As I work on my appeal letter, I am writing a play, The Landless Band, about the complexities of finding yourself as an Indigenous person; a short-story collection, We Are What Claims Us, which circles around hidden Mi’kmaq culture trauma, and colonialism; and my second collection of poetry, Who Took My Sister?, which explores decolonial poetics and Canada’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (several poems are being transformed into a classical music piece). There are responsibilities and protocols involved in claiming my identity as a Mi’kmaq poet and writing from an ancestral place. I feel a mix of shame, vulnerability, and threat in this appeal process, yet I continue to strive to honour my community and families.