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By the end of the 10th century theysuccumbed to the Russians, and after maintaining themselves for a shortperiod in the Crimea, some gradually embraced the Christian or Moslemfaith, ceasing to exist as a separate people, though many joined withtheir Jewish brethren."

- David Bridger and Samuel Wolk (editors), in article "Khazars" (pp.

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Thus, it is plausible that Slavic-speaking Jewishcommunities in Eastern Europe (which existed there from early times)became dominated in the sixteenth century by Ashkenazi culture and adoptedthe Yiddish language."

- Benjamin Harshav, in (Los Angeles andBerkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1990), pages 5-6.

As for his comment about Krymchaks, it is contradicted by another essay in the same book.

and that a certain portion at least of the Jewish population (in earliertimes, the main bulk) originated from the east, from the Khazar country,and later from Kievian Russia."

- Adam Vetulani, in his article "The Jews of Mediaeval Poland," in , volume 4 (December, 1962), page 274.

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Some apparently fled into northern Hungary,where, to this day, there are villages that bear such names as Kozar andKozardie."

- Robert and Elinor Slater, in (Middle Village, NY: Jonathan David, 1999), page 87.

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The poet’s relationship to her poetry has, it seems to me—and I am not speaking only of Emily Dickinson—a twofold nature. Poetic language—the poem on paper—is a concretization of the poetry of the world at large, the self, and the forces within the self; and those forces are rescued from formlessness, lucidified, and integrated in the act of writing poems. But there is a more ancient concept of the poet, which is that she is endowed to speak for those who do not have the gift of language, or to see for those who—for whatever reasons—are less conscious of what they are living through. It is as though the risks of the poet’s existence can be put to some use beyond her own survival.

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"Thus, the Ashkenazic ethnogenesis, having been formed by migrations fromthe East (Khazaria), West (e.g., Germany, Austria, Bohemia), and South(e.g., Greece, Mesopotamia, Khorasan), is more complex than previouslyenvisioned."

- Kevin Alan Brook, in (Northvale, NJ:Jason Aronson, 1999), page xv.

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In the same way, one may conjecture thatKhazar Muslims contributed to the Turkic-speaking and Turko-Muslimcommunities of the Volga basin and North Caucasus."

- Peter Benjamin Golden, in (Wiesbaden, Germany: Otto Harrassowitz, 1992), pages 243-244.

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Others are descended from a large colony of Jews who settled in Ukraine when it was ruled by a religiously tolerant Poland."

- William G.