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Human Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Journal publishes papers probing the complex and varied systems of interaction between people and their environment.

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2009: In a , the Centre for Human Ecology was one of 11 signatories, alongside the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the International Trade Union Confederation, WWF International, etc.

“Jung’s Contribution to an Ecological Psychology.” Journal of Humanistic Psychology.

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This is explored in the essay, Relational Holism, by David Landis Barnhill, in the book, Deep Ecology and World Religions.

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Second, I will argue in this essay that by thinking of resources from the traditional ecological point of view, we can better understand why conserving our natural resources is important....

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Buying a Better World: can responsible public sector purchasing make a difference? Executive Director and Fellow of CHE. Following years of pressure from campaigners and a growing awareness of the risks of ignoring the issue, public sector organisations are starting to take account of the environmental and social impact of the products and services they buy. Osbert Lancaster will review the legal constraints and practical difficulties facing organisations, and highlight opportunities for them to contribute to ecological sustainability and social justice through their purchasing activity. Osbert will argue that public sector organisations in the UK have a real opportunity to be at the forefront of these developments internationally, and will suggest how they can take practical steps to make a difference. Osbert Lancaster BSc MBA is Executive Director of the Centre for Human Ecology, and previously led CHE’s work on business and sustainability. He is currently consulting to the Scottish Parliament on responsible purchasing, is a board member of Agenda: Social Responsibility in Scotland, and is a contributor to ‘Scotlands of the Future: sustainability in a small nation’, published by Luath Press. Before joining CHE Osbert worked as management consultant in Scotland and Eastern Europe, and as a business development adviser with small and medium sized enterprises.

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Creative Conviction: Tessa Ransford, CHE Fellow. Designed and facilitated by TESSA RANSFORD for the Centre for Human Ecology with colleagues ANTONIA SWINSON (award-winning financial journalist/novelist) and DONALD SMITH (Director of the Scottish Storytelling Centre)

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Linking Communities and Scientists: ScienceAid, Centre for Human Ecology. ScienceAID, in partnership with Friends of the Earth Scotland, aims to support communities facing environmental injustice – from polluting industrial plants and coastal fish farms to waste and extractive developments – to engage more effectively in decision making by having access to free, high quality, scientific advice. But is this feasible? This one-day seminar will examine the need for ScienceAid and the barriers to its implementation. Speakers include Friends of the Earth Scotland, community activists and academics already working to link communities with science.