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Firewood is crackling in the brick-encased fireplace in the living room next to the dining room, where Mrs. Higs sits with me and my Rachie and Jeanie. Jeanie has been my best friend since first grade, when we lived in front of Dixon Creek.

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I still don’t have an answer as to whether they pay cash now, like a professional company should, but Steve’s article was interesting anyway, and did give me a new way to look at the business model.

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Thanks for this info! I’ve always wanted to write for the Huffington Post but have never come up with a good idea that I think would work there.

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How did you send your idea for a blog to the post?

Whether or not your post goes viral, you’ll at least point a few new readers toward your site and offerings and add “Huffington Post Blogger” to your resume.

Is there any easy way to write better for native English clients?

Steve Gillman's experiences inspired a website about odd businesses and jobs, which in turn led to writing . He has created informational websites covering subjects ranging from metaphors to wilderness survival, and has written books on subjects as diverse as backpacking, meditation, and creative problem solving.

That’s why I thought perhaps the HP website might be different.

Promote your post to your own networks to direct as much traffic to it as possible, as you would with any guest post. Share it with your Facebook and Twitter followers, write a short blurb about it on your blog or email it to your newsletter subscribers.

I have always loved reading the delightful content in the HP website.

In this online course, Sophie Lizard will teach you EXACTLY how to find and win high-paying clients, with real-life examples from her freelance blogging business.

I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Tanner! Best of luck.

Unfortunately it is difficult to get your article on Huffington Post. You sometimes think you are the only one that has the idea of sending articles, but sometimes you are possible one in thousands of articles sent everyday. But hay, keep trying you’ll never know.

Do you know or have a theory why revenue has dropped off so much?

Many big names blog on The Huffington Post, so competition for better placement is tough. When former Secretary of Labor is on the front page of the Politics section, yours isn’t likely to push his aside. On the other hand, he doesn’t write every day. If you’re working in a section with fewer big names, you might have an even better chance to get a good post featured. Study your targeted section to learn the famous bloggers in your niche and how often they post.