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One could write a research paper discussing the Battle of Bunker Hill which took place in 1775, a battle that stands out in the American Revolution. This particular battle was the first and one of the most iconic of all battles in the revolution, which makes it a good topic to write on.

The great awakening is reason to believe that William G Mcloughlin's opinion and this shows that there was a cause to the American Revolution....

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These questions and structures however do not only pertain to America’s political system and ideals; they also greatly changed American social standards and practices throughout the years directly preceding and following the revolution....

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What political, economic, and cultural factors led to the American Revolution and the break between the American colonies and the British Empire? Be sure to provide details in relation to British colonial policies, specific flashpoint incidents and also cultural ideological changes in the colonies
How did the Transatlantic Slave Trade develop and evolve from the 1500-1700?
What major powers and resources were involved at different times? Be sure to describe the economic factors as well as the cultural factors and human suffering along the middle passage.
Explain middle the concept of the Columbian Exchange in thorough detail.

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